Sunday, August 14, 2011

Copic clear up plus Smores anyone?

I just wanted to share with you, the newest way on how I store my Copics.
I tote my markers around with me all the time. I brought them with me to my girls get away. Sometimes I bring them with me when we go on a trip. I bring them to the cottage every weekend. So I need to have a portable way of storing them.
I had seen this on a pinterest site. And thought it was perfect for me, plus I had two of these totes already :)  I like that it has the pockets on the side for inks and such, plus the bottom has a slide out container which is perfect for stamping blocks.
I usually have them propped on its side. The only thing I want to do is separate them by colour better. I was thinking of using some foam core.

Now I want to clear up a little something from my post about me feeling guilty on my Copic marker collection.
I don't think I used the correct words. I don't really feel guilty, badly, shameful or have any regret on buying them. Really I don't. I just feel that other's don't understand my having so many, especially if they know the price of them. Most don't understand and think that it is a waste of money. But to me it isn't, as I use them all the time. So in other words I just don't want to be judged.
And I haven't spent more then $4.15 a marker, and many I bought for cheaper then that :) 
 I thought I would share a beautiful sight.
This is the sunset from the back of the river.
 You may be wondering what Heather is doing here.
 This is what die hard Smores lovers do when they can't have a camp fire. lol.
This is the stove for the sauna. Hubby loves his sauna's (not surprising with him being Finn and all). So after he lit up the wood stove the girls and I grabbed the Smores ingredients and enjoyed us some treats, teehee.
 Remember I thought someone had offed Charlotte.
Here she is. She is making a web around herself. I wonder if she is having some baby spiders. Ohhhh I hope not.
I have a busy week ahead of me. And I haven't made any lists yet.
I am feeling anxious.

Hope your weekend was a creative one.



  1. Wow!!! beautiful in Brazi it cost about 14 dollars each one :(
    I bought some watercolor pencils to paint my stamps :)
    have a nice week

  2. I think your Copic collection is beautiful! I am envious! :))) Sketch markers here in S. Ontario tend to be 8.00 a marker, so if you can get them for under 4.50?! All the more power to ya! :)

    What a gorgeous sunset! Those s'mores look yummy too!


  3. Oh wow! You have really collected lots of copics! Lovely!
    BTW, I think that I will follow your advice and add gems or something to the bottom of that card! Thanks for the suggestion! :0)

  4. So...I was reading this post and thinking of what my deep and thought provoking comments would be. Then I get to the last photo, and my whole body just froze. Hmmm, why does Tracy have a photo of someone's butt cheeks with sand in the crack on her blog? Oh wait, that's a spider? Little Miss Muffett has been sitting on the wrong tuffet. Or maybe it's just me.

  5. what a great collection--you should never have to explain to people why you have so many--it is your business. if people make you feel guilty about having them then that is their problem!!!!

    fun with the smores!

  6. That is quite the Copic collection. Good for you. That you are using them is all that matters.
    I love that river sunset. And roasting marshmallows over the sauna fire-love it
    I worked all weekend , so just pooped this morning.
    Headed down the road to Helena to hit Costco.
    But creative goodness this week, since I am off now until next Monday- yeah!,,

  7. That is the MOST beautiful picture EVER! (the one of the Copics, not the sunset! LOL!!!!!!!) Just kidding, the sunset picture is beautiful too :) I love that you had smores inside, way to improvise!

  8. The sunset photo is absolutely gorgeous! You shouldn't feel guilty about your Copic collection, especially since you use them all the time. Copics must be cheaper here ... with a 50% off coupon, I think they would be less than $3. The tote bag looks perfect for using them at home and the cottage!

  9. The copics are a beautiful sight! That tote bag is a great storage idea. Seeing as how I have an entire room (or had now that I had to pack it all up and put it in the garage) full of products I may or may not ever use in my papercrafting pursuits, I could never judge anyone else's purchases. If they make you happy, that's all that matters! :)

  10. Great idea for your Copics and that you already had these on hand!

    Your Smore's picture kinda reminded me of when I was a kid and we never had campfires or bonfires, but I wanted toasted marshmallows soI would turn on one of the burners on our kitchen stove (and it was electric!) just so I could toast a marshmallow. LOL! Yes, they would catch on fire. I don't encourage this, but desperate times called for desperate measures back then. tee hee!

    And there is nothing prettier than a gorgeous sunset overlooking a lake! And that's what you've got there!

  11. That looks like an awesome storage container. I love my copics and think they are worth every penny!

  12. That photo of the sunset is breathtaking! Gorgeous! I wish we had a woodstove to cook smores in. Yummy! Although I just got my yearly fix when camping last week. I ate about five pounds of chocolate and marshmallows I think. I'm wanting to start investing in Copics and will be keeping an eye out for one of those totes. Thanks for sharing!:-)

  13. Wow! Has your copics grown, that is awesome. Love the portable storage. I would want every color too :0) Great price though! Mmmm, love smores, yummy! I told Jeremy I want a small fir pit for our backyard next summer for the same purpose :0) Beautiful photo, that would be so cool to sit back and look out at :0) Hugs!

  14. Yum smores! Great copics collection. :-)

  15. I am loving your Copic collection... I am well on my way to having just about as many as you. Thanks for sharing... hugs

  16. Great photos and your portable Copic storage is great. And I agree with Mary Pat, you should never feel like you have to explain why you have so much of something. Although I'm pretty sure a lot of us do. I think some people on the message board unintentionally make us feel guilty about spending money on certain things because they know how much it cost and they might be a little envious that they don't have the ability to build a collection like that.

  17. The spider looks like it made its web in the butt crack of a garden statue LOL. The place where your cottage is is so beautiful and I love the smores pictures. That's too funny.

    As for shameful, I was the one who used that wording in my post. I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you feel bad or offend you. I was just explaining how I feel when making purchases. I don't really think about it when I am buying but I am worried about what other people may think of me for how much I have. Which is weird because I usually don't give a rat's patootie what other people think. Sometime's I do feel guilty that I have more than other people but not actually for buying it. KWIM.

    Oh and speaking from experience, foam core and copics go great together

  18. I love the bag you have your markers in. What is it? I love my Copic markers and some people spend what a marker cost on a cup of coffee and you can't reuse that. Well you can refill it. We all know were that cup of coffee ends up and we still have our markers. LOL

  19. I love your copic collection (drool! LOL)! There is no need to be ashamed...I will end up with a ginormous stash too someday! a matter of fact I justified getting a lot of 20 by saying the price was going up :). If you need a tiny solution, a crystal light container is the right hight and has a lid. Love the smores in the sauna stove! How creative! your kids are too creative! Love it! -Amanda

  20. 1. you're getting quite an admirable copic collection there. me likey.

    2. beautiful sunset photo.

    3. love the innovative way to make smores.

    4. WTF is a picture of a butt crack with a spider doing on your blog?

  21. I love your Copic collection - and you can put me in the jealous, not judgmental, category. I believe in spending good money to get quality items that you'll get lots of use from. When I was a working professional I never skimped on my wardrobe for work - after all, I'd be wearing those clothes every day. So I get it!


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