Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada gone wrong.

Well Canada Day was good and not to good. This was the good part.
We had all the fireworks ready to go. Hubby prepares them by twisting some of the wicks together so they shoot out more then just one at a time.
So anyway our neighbour came by (she is from the States). She was leaving in the morning and stated that if the neighbours beside us shot off fireworks tonight that she would honk her horn when she left in the morning.
I told her that we have fireworks and she could honk all she wanted to in the morning as I would just go back to sleep.
Well my FIL and his wife were like "Oh we're not going to do them tonight, you have to get up early and your dogs don't like them." I was like WTH its Canada Day.
But hubby doesn't like to go against his dad. So we didn't have them ALL weekend. Can you tell I'm pissed?

Well we did break out the tats and enjoyed some treats though.

I checked out the birds nest and it is empty. I didn't think that the baby would have been ready to fly. Guess I was wrong, maybe mama bird wanted some "Me" time and gave him the boot, LOL.
I planted my flowers. It was such a beautiful day. It tad hot, it was 34 C but with the humidity it was more like 39 C.
I read most of the day as it was to hot to do any strenuous work, like I do that LOL. So I finished the book I started today. I would take a break and go for a walk.
During my walk, I met the owners of the motel by us. They are from the States and they also own a camp further up the highway. She is so nice, she quilts and scrapbooks.
I just came to the conclusion that people from the States sure love Canada :)
The owners from the Hotel are from the States and so are the owners from the Resort. We have at least 2 out of the 6 people on our lake are from the states, not to mention the camps further up the highway.
Plus on the way to camp last weekend we counted over 50 vehicles from Wisconsin and Minnesota coming up here.
You love us for our camping and fishing. I love you for your shopping LOL.

Hope you had a good Friday.
Oh ya Friday's pet peeves.

1. People who make decisions that aren't theirs to make.
2. When someone asks your opinion and then when you don't say what they want to hear get upset with you.
3. Hard to open thick plastic bags.
4. Negative people, its just draining.



  1. What! no blommin' fireworks I was expecting pics and everything.....

  2. No Fireworks? What a party pooper! I'm sorry you didn't get to do them.

  3. I know I was going to video tape them and share :(

  4. I want to apologize on behalf of the ugly could she say those things! Especially when our Independence celebration was only a couple of days later! Bad, bad, bad!


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