Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I think I broke my bum.

Don't these look tasty. This was the perfect gift to the end (hopefully) to my not so good last few days. Thanks Cory :)

Ashley's friends Cory and Michelle came over to hang out with Ashley. Cory brought me these. What a sweetie.
Between the "Mean Lady", a heated discussion with a close family member, a couple spats with hubby, not crafting and teens with attitude. I hope me week gets better.
Oh ya and this.....
See that big crack in the glass? Well I fell on it, yup. I saw a spider on the wall, got some paper towel to pick it up with. I put one foot on the couch arm and the other foot on my mirrored end table. You see this table doesn't have 4 legs, it has a pillar in the middle. So when I put my weight on it, it toppled and I toppled with it.
I have a large spider lamp and I grabbed it on my way down. I knew I was going down but couldn't do anything to stop myself.
Kristy watched the whole thing. She had to help me get untangled from the mess. I am pretty much OK (thanks for asking as my family didn't) my butt is bruised along with my pride and I hurt my toe.
I didn't like that table anyway. Can you say ugly 80's.
On a good note my daughter's, Ashley and Kristy made a lovely dinner. I didn't have to lift a finger. My SIL/friend Sharon and I went out for lunch today. We went to Montana's. I was upset as they got rid of my favorite meal, the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. Time for a new restaurant.
We also went to Michael's. I bought 2 paper packs "Life Stories" by My mind's Eye and "Life's Journey" by K & Company. Sharon let me pick out my birthday gift. It will be "Lost and Found" by Tim Holtz paper pack. I for sure don't need any more paper, but they keep making beautiful papers :)
I went for a half an hour walk this morning after dropping Ashley off at work for 7:45am. And you all know how much I love waking up early.
It was another beautiful day.
Hubby Kristy and I went and did some running around. When we came back home my neighbour, Lynn came by and asked me to go for a walk. So we went for an hour walk. Over 12300 steps today :)
So what have you done today to make you feel proud?
1. Got over my 10000 steps in today, my daily goal.
2. Enjoyed a day out with my friend
3. That I didn't break any bones when I fell.
4. That I didn't eat one of those cupcakes....yet.
5. Washed all my floors.


  1. Glad you didn't break anything! Those cupcakes looks so yum-o. Congrats on the steps!

  2. Oh glad you didn't hurt your butt.
    Cupcakes, oh cupcakes. I love cupcakes, cake, cupcakes. Can you tell? LOL
    Oh can't resist cupcakes especially with pink frosting.KILLER!
    I need to get one of those things that keeps tracks of steps. I swear I walk 10 miles some days. Most days.
    Back to work for me. Have a great day and next time get a broom for the speeder. Or a chair.

  3. What I want to know is did you get the spider?
    Glad you were not hurt.

  4. I'm glad you're okay! Those cup cakes do look good.

  5. Oh, that sounds like the kind of day that just makes you want to cry! I'm sorry you had it so rough! Those cupcakes look delightful! You totally deserve one!

  6. those cupcakes look delicious. i'm glad nothing happen from the fall. >.< thanks so much for subbing to my channel.

  7. ooh I can just imagine you have a broken and sore bum!! OWEE

    good on you for doing your steps... could send some of that motiviation my way - I am doing well with everything - but just not getting as much exercise in as I want - something always ties up my damn time!

  8. Awww, man.....I'll bet that hurt!!! You were lucky not to REALLY injure yourself - as in broken bones or broken skin requiring stitches! OUCH. (It probably was really funny to watch, though....just say'n!)

    The cupcakes look DELISH!

    Hope your week gets better!

  9. Could you send one of those cupcakes my way? :-)

    Thank goodness you didn't seriously hurt yourself in your fall! Hope your butt feels better!!

  10. Boy you sure have had a bad day. Although the cupcakes would have made up for it all for me lol. I'm glad you are okay after your fall and the only thing that cracked was the table.

  11. Tracy,
    WOw, what a day you and that glass had. I am so happy to hear that you are ok, and yeah, those cupcakes look yummy!

  12. So glad you are ok and no broken bones from the fall! You are brave to try and kill that spider yourself... I would have run out of the room! lol

  13. Wow, what a day! I'm glad you didn't get hurt really bad! The cupcakes look pretty...I sometimes just wish I liked cake but I don't.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow and you feel better!!

  14. Glad you didn't break anything except the ugly table. Darn spiders anyway!

  15. At first... I thought your title meant the cupcakes broke your butt!

    Glad to hear there's no serious fall damage. Must be some good karma from exercising (walking) that saved your body on the fall!


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