Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stay off the sidewalks

Ashley got her driver's licence today. She was so nervous. We went driving for most of the day.
She still has to take one more test though.
Here you 1st get your G1 (which is your written test) you have to drive with someone who has driven for 5 yrs. Wait one year.
Next you go for your G2 (which is a road test). Then you can drive by yourself, but there are also limitations. Wait one year.
Lastly you go for your G (another road test). Where you drive on the highway. A very long process.

I love these cards I made. Ya I like to toot my own horn, LOL.

I made them on a type of shiny, photo paper. My uncle got a whole stack of them and he thought I could use some. Both sides of the paper are shiny.
I masked off the moon and its reflection. Shaded it with many colours of blue. Took off the mask, then stamped the top image. For the reflection to be perfectly mirror image. I had to first stamp on a piece acetate, then quickly press that stamped image on the card front, upside down. I rubbed it with my hand, I think the warmth of my hand helped it transfer. Then I sponged the brown reflection (land) in the water.

Ok I have a confession to make. I didn't make this today. I made it last year for my FIL's birthday card. I have done no crafting lately and am getting a little testy.
Between running around, working (it is our busy time of year), getting ready for camp, company (which I love), and helping my dad out. I have no time.
I haven't even got any thank you cards out in the mail for my goodies I had won. Tsk, tsk.
For the next 4 or 5 weeks I will be either working or out of town.
Hope your day was a creative one.
I figured out my background. But I think it is stretched as I don't think I can see the vines as much.


  1. You did this technique perfectly! Great job!!!! Your card is gorgeous, and I love the colors you've used! Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, Robyn

  2. you got it mixed up..G1 is when you drive with someone who has had 4 or more years with their full license.. and G2 is what ashley has now.. i suggest shes gets some experience driving on the highway because that will be on her test to get her G.

    and i love the card very pretty!

  3. Thank you Michelle. I was up too late posting this and trying to figure out my background. Which I did all by myself LOL>

  4. Wow, what a long, drawn out procedure to get your license. But, it does give them more experience before they get their full-fledged license.

    Gorgeous card, Tracy!

  5. This is a horn worth tooting! LOL! These are really gorgeous!

  6. Oh wow Tracy, these are great! Sorry things have been too hectic to craft. Congrats to Ashley on the first stage of getting her drivers license! Thanks for entering my blog candy contest. Don't forget to post a pic on your blog for a chance to win. :)

  7. Wow, love the cards! That is way more creative than I ever get making a card! BTW, I like your background with the vines a little more to the edge of the page.

  8. I love the cards! I'm always busy during the summer too. One would think with the extra daylight hours that I'd be able to get some time to myself but it works out completely opposite.

  9. holy crap Tracy that card is fantastic!! I was sure you had done it digitally!!

    Wow just Wow!!

  10. Doesn't matter WHEN you made it - you MADE IT - and you made it BEAUTIFULLY!!! I'm TOTALLY IMPRESSED!!! WOW!

    As for Ashley getting her license - YAY! Congrats to her!! (I think graduating licensing is a crock of crap, though.....I mean, it's like saying, here...you're good enough to drive but not on the 400 series highways. Isn't that one of the restrictions? WTF?)

  11. i figured so :D, and awesome! who needs ashleys help lol :D

  12. Love the cards, they are so pretty. And I guess I am safe from your girl since I am way down here in Alabama. Take care and hope you get some time to create soon.

  13. Gorgeous cards! And congrats on the driver's license--I definitely gave my parents a few gray hairs over that one!

  14. OK, I LOVE that card! That's so awesome. I suck so bad at stamping. LOL.

    Happy BDAY girlly girl

  15. I LOVE the card its beautiful. That would probably be around $7.00 in a store (in US)

    Glad to see you got your background back up.

  16. These are fantastic, gorgeous creation and so clever too.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  17. You should toot your own horn! These are amazing cards!!!

  18. These are BEAUTIFUL cards! Just fabulous!


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