Saturday, July 31, 2010

We lit up the sky

We finally had our fireworks. Hubby and Jim went to down to the beach and shot them over the lake. So pretty.
Good Job Guys :)
I went for my morning walk down the pipe line...alone.... this morning. I also went for my walks around the motel 4 times. Such a nice day.
The camp neighbour (Wayne) is from Wisconsin, he has a family farm. He brought us 14 ears of sweet corn. He has been bringing up corn and sharing it with everyone for a couple of years now. It is the best, sweetest corn I have ever tasted.
We gave Jim and Ashley the job of husking it.

Yumm, warm corn with butter and a touch of salt.

Jim and I went to pick some blueberries down at the rapids. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there by quad. Jim brought his up and I used ours. It is the first time I took it out this year. I forgot how much I enjoyed driving it. The berry picking sucked. I use a 4 liter ice cream bucket and got it only 1/4 of the way full.

The lake was well used today. It was pretty hot out. Wayne, Kristy and Ashley swam across the lake. Heather and I took the kayaks.
Doreen, David and Amanda played cards most of the day, under the shade of the big pine tree. Little Tom enjoyed the water and all the attention my girls gave to him.

Had a nice camp fire. We roasted some marshmallows, made some smores and enjoyed some banana boats. Are wondering what banana boats are? What you do is take a banana, cut a sliver length ways out of it, cut up a marshmallow and some chocolate slivers. Now put them in the banana and put back the piece of banana you cut out. Wrap it up with tinfoil and put it in the fire. Oh ya you keep the peel on the banana. Yummy.

Hope your Saturday was a relaxing one.



  1. Pretty firework photo!!

    I have a confession, I hate corn, but it looks yummy otherwise. LOL

  2. Your fireworks photo is amazing! That corn looks so yummy!!

  3. i love corn on the cobb.. tasteful simple had a seasing for garlic bread i put that on my corn ob the cobb and it taste great .. thanks for sharing...

  4. YUM...Banana boats sound so good...I'm going to have to try one...oh have I mentioned I'm super jealous of your camp! I've added it to my to do list...purchase a cabin somewhere and enjoy it as much as possible :-)


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