Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love pick'in

I love to pick blueberries. I don't know why?
Maybe its the peacefulness of being in the outdoors.
Maybe is hearing those first few berries as they are hitting the bottom of my bucket.
Maybe its the accomplishment I get in picking a bush clean.
Maybe its just watching as my bucket gets full.
What ever it is I love to pick blueberries.
Luckily for me we have many places around our cottage to pick. Hubby and I get going before it gets to hot out. My FIL would scout out good spots for us to pick, before the picking season. When it was prime picking time, Hubby, my FIL and I would go out and pick for hours. My MIL would stay behind and watch my girls (I think she preferred that).
But times have changed. My dear MIL Cil, passed away over 7 yrs ago. My FIL's knees are bad so he hasn't picked with us for a couple of years. Even when my dad and Doreen (stepmom) came down, they would pick, but not for a few years.

Well this last weekend, Hubby and I took the quad and went a pick'n. It wasn't very good. I don't think we got enough rain this spring. We were out for about 1/2 hour and only got 8 cups. Not bad, but we have done way better.
We saw bear tracks. This is nothing new, we have even seen bears when we have gone picking. I have always said I would never give up my berries to a bear, I think hubby and FIL believe me too LOL.
This time not only was there a bear near by but all I heard was buzzing. There were hornets nests everywhere. I didn't see a nest but the buzzing was all around us. No matter where we went we heard the high pitched zzzzzz of them. Mind you I only saw a few hornets.
There were also a lot of black flies. They buzzed all around me, but didn't bite me. They sure got the best of hubby though.
I told him the bugs know my blood is bad, it has no nourishment for them LOL.
Hubby said, Ya they (the bugs) are going after the fat guy as they know he has lots of nourishment. LOL. What a jokester.

Hope you had a creative day today.
What have you done to make you feel proud?
1. Tidied up the house
2. Did some bookwork
3. Took my girls for lunch
4. Only had 2 cookies :)



  1. It is disappointing when you want to go do something like that and mother nature does not cooperate. I am glad you did not encounter the bear.

  2. My husband has been trying to grow blueberries. I guess he thinks just chucking some plants in the ground and in 3 years.. scads of blueberries.

    yeah, we can barely find the "bush" in the grass.

  3. We get beautiful black berries in the spring here and then come the blueberries in the summer. I never even get a chance at the blueberries because the bear(s) that live here pick the bushes clean almost to the second that they ripen. Bastards. The black berries grow right on the side of the road so I always see people walking, on bikes or even pulled over in their cars stuffing their faces. I rarely get my hands on anything. Too much wildlife and too many people out here.

  4. Looks like yum! I haven't done much of anything today worth being proud of. I decided I got enough done yesterday that I could have a break until 10:00 this morning. :-)

  5. I love to pick blueberries too! My parents' best friends grew lots of blueberry bushes in their yard when I was little and my mom and I would pick them together every summer. They always tasted amazing and the activity was so much fun!

    That picture makes my mouth water.Sorry it wasn't as good as past years, but I'm glad you still had enough to make the trip enjoyable! Although all of those natural elements (bear, hornets, black flies) combined for what sounds like a pretty crazy experience! Glad it wasn't too bad of an outcome.

  6. I love berries... all kinds.. but blueberries are one I just never took to. I have never liked the taste - but I love the way they look LOL

    Would be fun to pick them though.. especially wild ones - cos they would taste WAY better!

  7. The blueberries look delicious -- perfect for muffins or a loaf bread!

  8. i would love to go blueberry picking.. i did that a few years back outside of ignace on the side of the highway.. oh the fun i had

  9. I love to pick blueberries too! But I think we missed them this year. They freeze so well too. Though I must admit, I'd give them up to a bear any day. Ha!

  10. I love blueberries...I just put some in the freezer but I doubt they'll stay in there long!

  11. Oh yum!! I love blueberries!

    I am proud that I did 2 miles today and arms and core!! Wooooo!!!

  12. How did I miss this post?!!

    Don't let these thaw in the freezer this time, eh?!! :)


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