Friday, July 9, 2010

I love my Jeep

I LOVE my Jeep.
I love the colour.
I love the shape.
I love to clean it, Ya I am weird.
I love to drive it
But I didn't want to be in it today. Today I wanted to get my crafting on. But no such luck.
I took Ashley to work, then went for my walk.
Then went to the pit as hubby found some wild tiger lilies that I was going to dig up and plant at our cottage. Heather came with me as she wanted to drive around there. Well I couldn't find hubby. Then I phoned his cell and he told me how to get to him. He called them roads. I call them trails made by the bulldozer that had stumps ruts and rocks on them. One hill was so steep that you couldn't see the bottom. I kept asking him "Are you sure I go down this thing". He assured me that I was going the correct way and we would be fine.
Heather on the other hand was saying "Mom I don't want to go down there, I really don't want to go down this way". She said this with terror in her voice.
Good thing I have a 4x4 or we would never had made it. And to think we had to go up this same hill on the way back.

Heather did get to drive. She did pretty good, almost backed into a sand pile, but all went well.
We came back home had a quick lunch, did some laundry. Then Kristy, Heather and I went to the mall to look for a bathing suit for Heather. Ran and picked up Ashley some headphones. Went to superstore for a few things, then to Home Hardware for a few things. Back home, to do a switcheroo with the laundry (on the line outside). Then to M&M meats and lastly picked up Ashley from work.

Now I am packing to go to our cottage.
See, I must love my jeep, I spent all day in it.

Hope you have a good weekend.



  1. I miss my Jeep...I traded it in for a baby "Van" but I think I did the right thing :)
    I'd LOVE to someday get a new jeep!

  2. M&M Meats.....I miss that place!

    Have a fun filled weekend at your camp.

    (Cute jeep!)

  3. WOW, I am tired just reading that post.
    I hate living in the car. Love your jeep. Hubbers has one but I can't drive the stick. I have always wanted a pretty jeep libery. One of these days.
    I posted your tag on my blog. Sorry it took so long.:( Mom was ill again. Had the contractor fall through her attic onto the concrete floor and it did her heart no good.
    along with a dolly kicking my butt! LOL

  4. Phew! hope you got the tiger lillies as you didn't say. and hope they plant well at the cottage/camp.

  5. What an exhausting day you had! I love my Jeep Liberty, too! It's 5 years old with almost 100,000 miles on it and still going strong! Have fun this weekend!

  6. I'm exhausted just reading your post.

  7. Thumbs up for you, Tracy! The Jeep Wrangler that I bought in Edmonton while I was on vacation is such a huge help for me in my everyday errands. The Jeep is the best car to have when you have to go to some uncultivated areas unexpectedly. It makes me feel and keep safe.

  8. Heeh, you are so lucky to have your truck. And what better way to express your appreciation to your car than by taking him outdoors. Heeh, he enjoyed the trip too. He wants more, I felt it. Haha!


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