Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tiny Mini albums

I think something sucked all the energy right out of my body, unfortunately it wasn't Edward, or better yet James, oh isn't he a hottie.
Oh right...back to my day.

I was planning on making a video tutorial for my tiny mini albums. Really I was.
I even started taping. Then realized that I cut the pages without video taping. Good thing I'm cute eh. Well at least that's what Wayne says teehee.
So I made two of them. As I cut them both out off camera DUH. So I pledge to make a tutorial for it tomorrow. I only embellished the one album so far.
I go for at least a half hour walk every morning at 7:45am. The only reason I am up that early is because I drive Ashley to work. I soooo didn't want to go for my walk this morning. I was actually debating with myself.
Ohhhh I don't want to go for a walk.
Just put on your runners and go.
But the bed looks so comfy, I think I need to lay down.
Oh but once you are out there, you will enjoy it.
But the bed, so tired.
Just Do It!!!
The good intentions won. But I did take a nap after my walk ;)

I had to get my dad groceries today.
When I entered his apartment the heat almost knocked me over. So I repositioned his fans, then opened his apartment door as the hall has air conditioning. We can not understand why his place gets so warm.
I visited until it was cooler in there, I didn't want him in there alone with the door wide open. Luckily it poured today, so it has really cooled down.
You may ask why he doesn't have an air conditioner. Well he said he didn't want one, as soon as he bought one it would get cool. Well now he wants one, guess I'll be shopping for an apartment air conditioner tomorrow.

Hope you had a crafty Wednesday



  1. Your mini albums are gorgeous, girl.

    How anyone can survive this heatwave without A/C is beyond me.

  2. these are gorgeous, I luv those a fantastic week!

    enjoy *~*

  3. So I'm not the only one who struggles to get in the morning walk. But I never regret it. Glad you are there to take care of your dad - it's too hot without A/C!

  4. Love the pics of the mini and looking foward to the tutorial, it rained here yesterday and last night lots of it too... the lawn needed it and it looks brighter today. I am back at work next week.... after a couple a months off and am working away so may not get to check everyone out as often. I am trying to get an iphone so I don't miss anything but they are like rocking horse s**t.

  5. We are so GLAD our AC is working's rough without it! However, I grew up in Hotlanta without it and lived!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those mini albums!!!!!!! I NEED to know how to make one :)

  6. Tracy,
    I love the minis, they are adorable.
    Thanks so much for sharing

  7. Great minis & I can't imagine not having AC!

  8. They're so pretty. Would love to know what size they are and see your tutorial.
    The A/C in our house went out once, I stayed at a hotel until it got fixed!

  9. Your mini albums are SOOO cute!

  10. Glad to see you got your crafty back!

  11. I love those mini albums! They're absolutely adorable! And I hope your Dad will be OK in this heat. You're a good daughter to help him out.

  12. Love that blue one. It is embossed? I love embossing!!

  13. These are so cute! I'm really getting used to my new last name, too!


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