Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had just got home from camp, quickly ate and then took Heather to her job. She greases the trucks for hubby's business. She worked late. She wanted to finish the job and not go back tomorrow, so we were out there until 10:30 pm.
I hate when she greases this part of the dump truck. I keep thinking that the dump box is going to drop and chop her in half. You do see the block of wood there, but still.
As she was greasing she found a robins nest. It was under one of the trailer frames. I know the eggs won't hatch as mama bird can't go on it during the day, as it is being used. I feel bad. I wanted to move it else where but mama bird wouldn't know where. So she can sit on her eggs at night. Poor thing.
I got to work in my new shoes during my walks at camp. These are so very comfortable. I have weak ankles and these shoes help keep them straight. The only thing is because they are waterproof they don't let my feet breath. I think these will just be for my walks at camp and I will get a pair of regular runners for my walks at home.As I was kayaking this weekend I saw a flash. I looked ahead on the shore and two men took a picture of me (not this pic. hubby took this one). They told me I looked so serene so they took a picture. That was okay, because luckily they didn't hear me singing, LOL. I was listening to my music and I can't help but sing.Now you might wonder WTH is this.
Well this is one of my favorite treats. It is a marshmallow with pieces of potatoe chips stick in it. Judge all you want, but before you do just try one. They are so good. Now I am getting lazy as now I make a chip/marshmallow sandwich. LOL.
I love to eat my food oddly. Well everyone else thinks its oddly, I think it is just fine. My daughter Heather is the same as me. Mind you I don't think I have ever seen her eat a chip/marshmallow sandwich before LOL.

My neighbour Sonja has a robin's nest up on her porch of her camp. She asked me to take a peek, her ankle is bothering her. So I got up there and snapped a picture. As you can see she has 3 eggs in the nest.
Our robin has had her babies and they have flown away. Actually I took our nest down and there was an egg in there. I noticed when I took my last photo of the inside of our nest, that there was a blue piece of shell in the nest. When I took it down it wasn't until I picked up the shell that I noticed it was an egg. There was a hole in the bottom of the nest (as there was a hole in the 4x4 post that she build it on) and the egg slide partially in the hole. So I guess it never got warm enough to hatch.No baby loons again this summer, so sad.

I love to find uses for old objects that I find around our camp, or things I find during my walks. Well during my walk I found this old gas can. It was in the ground part way. I didn't realize that the side was rusted out. I know I can use this somehow. Hubby disagrees so I have to prove him wrong teehee. I was thinking of using it as a planter of some kind.Hope you all had a good weekend.
I was planning on getting some of my camp journal completed this weekend. I even ran out on Friday to develop some pictures. Well guess what. Not one page was done. I guess there is always next weekend.



  1. I wonder if you had put the lonely egg into your neighbours nest, and that mamma sat on it would it then hatch? just a thought...

  2. It is sad about the birds, but you do look peaceful

  3. Too bad about the nest - that's so sad. Love the photo along with you in your kayak!

  4. You know, I will try the marshmallow potato chip thing. In my family, we all spread strawberry jam on our toasted cheese sandwiches. My grandmother taught us that trick. Delicious!

  5. That's funny, sweet tooth that I am I didn't wonder WTH is this at all! I thought, well, there's a marshmallow with something yummy looking & crunchy stuck in there... :-) :-) :-)

    The Kayaking does seem serene. The-Guy has been talking about us taking up kayaking. There's actually a place right in our neighborhood where we could practice.

    Oh Sue that sounds good too!

  6. Marshmallow and potato chips....hmmmm...sometimes I worry about you. LOL. Kidding - I'd probably love it, too!!!

    I'm kinda sad about the eggs....:(

    Pssst....don't tell Wayne....but I think he's right. I don't think you can use that rusty old contraption for anything, but garbage.

  7. The story about the eggs makes me sad. :(

    I think you can use the old gas can as a planter! I say go for it!!!!


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