Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It was a Tom Day today :)

Today I spent most of the day with this cutie.
No not my brother David, teehee. My nephew.
This is my nephew Tom, I made the name book for him,
Isn't he a cutie. You don't have to answer as I know he is :)
My girls had a ball with him. You would think he was a star in the tabloids as he was getting his picture taken left and right. Hey Tom feet off the table, teehee.

When you were younger, and you would sit on the table, did your mother ever say this....."Tables are for glasses, not for ass's". LOL. My mom said that all the time, I guess I sat on the table a lot LOL. Oh I got off topic teehee.
The girls just adored him. Ashley had an interview so when I took her to it. Kristy and Heather had to watch him. They did a very good job. When he got sleepy, Ashley and Kristy rubbed his legs until he fell asleep. You think they would do that for me tonight? Nah, I didn't think so.
We all went to the Prospector for supper tonight. It is a steak house here in town. I am not a big red meat lover (I think I had 3 bites of my prime rib), but let me tell you their dinner buns are the best I have ever tasted.
From left to right....Hubby (Wayne), me, Ashley, Heather, Kristy, Darrell (my brother), Darlene (Wayne's sister) (my brother married Wayne's sister), David (my brother), Amanda (my SIL) and baby Tom.I woke up early this morning with high hopes of getting a lot done today.
I had to take my dad to get his blood work, then get him groceries.
I then took care of Tom most of the day.
Dinner out.
Did 1 day of tickets.
Now I am exhausted.
How did I take care of 3 little ones when looking after Tom all day I am so tired. The girls didn't leave his side all day. Boy I am sure glad I had my kids young. LOL.
Hope you had a great Wednesday.
Oh Ya I had some of my blueberry was delicious. I am so impressed. I am bringing some to camp to give out to my family.


  1. How cute is that baby! I had kids later in life and now I wish I had them in my 20's as far as energy wise goes. Mentally I'm glad I had them in my 30's lol. These pictures make me want to have my family around. My parents are coming up in August so now I can't wait.

  2. Tom is such a cutie! Mmmm - prime rib sounds delicious!

  3. Just love Tom and his feet! cute little boy eh? blueberry jam.... ooooooo would love some but can't

  4. He's ADORABLE!!!! Tables are for glasses, not for asses....ROFL!!! Never heard that one! Now I have!


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