Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Texting whats that?

I have a cell phone not because I wanted one, but because the boss's figured that all of us office staff should have one for company use. Now I don't get many calls on it, but now that I have it I think I would miss it if I didn't have it.
Now we have texting. We have had it for months, but I wasn't interested in learning how to do that.
Well hubby keeps texting me during the day. He leaves me sweet comments or asks me to guess the movie quote. He can't hear the phone ring as he drives heavy machinery, but he will check his texts once in a while.
So I figured that I would try to learn how to text.
I got Kristy to teach me. She was very frustrated with me LOL. She would say mom its just easier if I do it for you.
I told her "I taught you to walk, talk, eat with utensils and how to use the toilet, you can teach me this". LOL.
I think I finally got it! Mind you it took awhile, and when I finally sent this text to hubby, I sent it to everyone in my contacts teehee. So my girlfriend texts me and says "You are so cute, good for you".
It takes me forever to send a message, I may just stick to phoning, its faster.

So I worked ALL day today. I long to do some creating.
Late last night I checked out some YouTube video's. I really liked Jann's mini album So I commented on it and she offered to send me some die cut chipboard pieces. What a sweetie.
I love that us crafters are such a giving and generous bunch.
Makes me want to do a give away.
Yup I'm going to do it. After I am finally finished my work. But it is going to be a secret giveaway. Ooops I was never good at keeping "good" secrets :)

Hope your Wednesday was a crafty one, can't wait for my crafty days again.



  1. Yay for learning to text. I am saving your quote to your daughter for future use when I may need help from my children. Once you get the hang of it it is so much easier to just text someone. For me, with two small kids, it's so much easier to text someone than have them listen to screaming mimies in the backgroung. Thanks for the link to the mini. I love to stalk mini albums on you tube!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I watched some of your videos on youtube and was very inspired. I mainly do polymer clay stuff, but I will definitely try scrapbooking soon. Love your videos and blog. Hope to read/watch lots more in the future. Oh yeah, I have problem with texting too. My friends are pro, texting me two or even three times and I'm here trying to answer their first text >.<

  3. I can not text - head hung in shame. :)

    My kids tried to teach me, but I don't do it often enough to remember how.

  4. Good for you learning to text, Tracy. Me, I have never tried and I refuse too. LOL I even blocked texting from our cell phones, to receive or go out.

    My son use to have texting, all the kids did was forward things to him and he got sick of it....kind of like spammers for emails, but on cell phones. And we had to pay for them...go figure.

    I never thought I would like my cell phone, but got them because my hubby worked about an hour away and got it for safety while traveling. Well, he no longer works there, but closer to home....and now it has been almost 5 years we have had them. Two of my children have them and boy, I must say they come in handy - for them and us.

    I love watching the videos too, but lately not much time for anything.

    Have a good evening,

  5. Texting drives me mad... you get one. you send one back they send one back, you send one's like a game of ping pong. pick up the flippin' phone and PHONE me it's easier.

    Off for a look at that video...
    p.s. I love surprises and will check back to find out what you give away to some lucky person

  6. Tracy,
    Congrats on your adventure of texting. Before you will know it, you will be a pro.
    Love what you said to your daughter, too funny and so true.

  7. HA! That's really all I can say on this one. I'm glad you have taken a step into this century! LOL! ;-)

  8. I hated texting too -- until I got a new phone with a full qwerty keyboard!

  9. It took me a long time to get the texting down... but now I love it. Especially if its just something like 'pick up milk'. lol :)

  10. My husband is the same way! It took him forever to send messages, but now he texts his brother and out sons and likes it.

  11. Heehee....I just got a new DROID so I'm gonna try not to laugh at your non-texting ways.

    Seriously, a year ago, I couldn't text to save my life. Of course, I'm still nowhere near as fast at texting as my kids are. They still laugh at me. (Not a problem because my 104 wpm typing can still knock them on their asses!)

  12. It took me FOREVER to learn. Ack. Funny that your SIL has a totally Shabbat-friendly oven! I need me one of those!

  13. Congrats! I text with work all the time. Hubby looked at my bill one month (unlimited texting) and had heartattack with 5000 texts sent (that doesn't include IMs).


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