Friday, July 30, 2010

The Gangs all Here.

Oh crap its starting to drizzle.
I am at our camp/cottage. I finally got up to the motel to use the WIFI and now its starting to lightly rain.
I also tried to upload some pictures but it didn't work. GRRR.

Well we got here earlier then usual yesterday as Hubby had to get his tooth done. As that turned out they couldn't finish it. The dentist said she has never seen a tooth like his before. I always knew there was something not right with him LOL.
My dad and Doreen were already here when we arrived.

I went for my early morning walk down the pipeline. My water boy (teehee) followed me on the quad. Hubby is always worried a bear will get me.
David, Amanda and baby Tom came out this morning. Baby Tom has been in the water in a little star shaped floaty thingy, he sure loved that.
We mostly sat around, chatted while baby Tom has kept us amused. Check out his hat. Hubby and his brother's got these company hats made last year, and there were a few youth sizes.

Ray and Joy arrived later in the afternoon.
Sharon and Jim will be coming tonight.
Then the Gang's All Here.
My girls and I made this memory garden in honor of my MIL (their grandmother), Cil. Hubby and I picked some more rocks and added them to the border. I really like how it turned out.

Ohhhh funny story.

Early this morning I got woken up at about 5:00am to Hubby asking me to turn the light on. So I did. He was standing up facing the wall. I guess he forgot where he was LOL. He said to me. " I can't find the door and I'm going to piss myself. I have been laughing all day when I think about this.
As you can see I reuploaded the pictures and they worked.
Hope you all have an excellent weekend.


  1. lol @ wayne

    looks like your having a blast

  2. That is a beautiful memory garden. Love it. Sounds like you have a fun weekend in store - enjoy!

  3. Love the memory garden - what a great idea! Have a great weekend-looks like fun!

  4. I hope you all have a great time. Isn't it funny how we can be entertained just watching babies?

  5. Love the memory garden! Funny story 'bout your husband!

  6. What is it with men? they get up in the night and pee anywhere thinking it is the loo. wardrobes are a favourite!!!

  7. Oh, how cute is that little one?! Super cute!!!

  8. You're too quiet the past few days! what the heck?

    Love the story, and the little heart garden.

  9. Baby Tom is ADORABLE!! Your rock garden thingy is sweet!!!



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