Saturday, January 30, 2021

Week #2...Defunkifying my paper scraps

 We all have them, we all love them and we can't part with them...yup, I'm taking about our paper scraps.

I have a few ways of dealing with my scraps and how I store them.
First off I share them!
When I have my Friday Night Scrapbooking nights...I would encourage my friends to use my scraps. I would even keep pieces of white and black cardstock on my large table for my friends to grab easily.
But sadly we haven't been able to get together since last March, so my scraps have been accumulating.

My scraps are actually spilling out of my holder.
I use coloured  hanging file folders, each colour of paper has its own file.

Once I took out the file folders the bottom of the holder was also full of papers.  
While I was on our virtual Friday Night Scrapbooking, I asked my friends if they wanted my scraps. My friend Lynne was up to taking bonus, here comes a curbside drop off to you soon Lynne, teehee.

Now how pretty and organized does this look 💕

I have a few other ways I keep my scraps organized.
I like to keep the scraps with the paper pads if possible.
So I keep them in a bag with the paper pack...both 6x6 and 12x12 papers.

I have also added envelopes on the back of the paper pads to put the scraps in there.

I also do this with my 12x12 paper packs.
But now that I have a lot of the bigger clear bags, I like the bags even more so than the envelope method.

I just had to share my nicely organized files just makes me happy.
I have been storing my scraps like this for many years and it works perfectly for me.
I do go through them at the beginning of each year and give away or recycle my older scraps.

But the best way to organize our scraps is by using them up 😁

I will post a video I did a few years ago on organizing my scraps for more detail...just click on the link.

I hope you all have a very safe and creative day.



  1. Paper scraps I have so many, I have no one to share with. I do store mine in a file folder tote it's letter size and I have tabs on them for colours. I have a legal size one with folders at the cottage, perhaps I should take the one from home in the summer to get them used up. Love great idea for the scraps of the paper pads, once it is a scrap I never remember where it came from. My scraps really need to be purged. Thanks for helping.

  2. I have a hard time parting with some paper scraps too. I usually go ahead and put them with some other background paper and I'm ready to do another layout with them right away. Others I put in a ziplock and pass to my friends!


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