Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Happy Birthday to Me ;)
Yup, today is my 46th Birthday :)
Why, at my age do I still get zits...seriously.
It was like "happy birthday ol'lady...oh ya and to make you feel younger, her are a couple of zits for ya". LOL

Well enough about my complaining, its my birthday...have I mentioned today was my birthday, lol.
I had to wait for my gifts until everyone was home from work.
And lookie what they got me
Wayne got me a Mac Book Pro.....I know what you're thinking....wasted technology on her, lol.
My girls got me a new mouse as my right click button decided to give me trouble the other day.
And a Smash Book. I am planning on using it as an everyday book for my family life and news around the world.

Look even google wished me a Happy Birthday :)
Kristy put this on my desk top :)
Funny as when I saw this, I thought..what is Google celebrating, lol
Then when I saw it on my desktop I thought google somehow hacked into my computer, lol.

Don't you think my girls wrapped my gifts beautifully.
They used Christmas wrap for a bit of colour.
I was happy to see that they recycled the newspaper.
The thing is we don't get the newpaper...Ashley brought if from work, lol
Oh ya and the kicker...they used the obituary announcements to love their sense of humour, lol.

After the gift opening we went out for supper.
At first I wanted to go to Swiss Chalet, I haven't been their for years. But then decided I wanted ribs at Montana's.  I got the rib and shrimp plate. I think it was the first time I didn't bring home any left overs. Perfect portion size :)
Then we came back home and enoyed blue berry cheesecake, Heather made for me, with some friends and family.
It was a great day and a great evening with some special people :)

I hope you all enjoyed a creative day :)
Now to learn the new laptop :0

Tracy :)


  1. Awesome gifts. Happy Birthday!

  2. Woot! Happy birhtday centennial buddy! Too funny about the zits- just looking in the mirror at my monthly appearances and thinking "why?" and NOT fair! I had my share in my teen years, why do I have to have them in my adult years?
    LOVE your MacBook! Love ours! Have fun with it!

  3. have a lovely birthday and enjoy your gifts

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! Looks like you made out like a bandit and I just want to know where the hell are the pictures of the food!!! I have expectations you know:) Oh and I hear ya on the zits...I get them worse now at 46 than I did when I was a I tell ya. Anyhoo, hope you thoroughly enjoyed your day.


  5. Happy Birthday Tracy!!! Sounds like you had a really nice dinner! Great gifts and loved the wrapping! lol Enjoy your gifts!
    Hugs!!! : )

  6. Happy Birthday Tracy!!! You're a lucky girl (apart from the zits lol. I still get'em and I'm 55!) Gina

  7. Happy Birthday, I get monthly zits and I'm much older! Bah yuk, it's obviously stupid hormones. Great gifts you are a lucky girl x

  8. Happy Birthday:):)

    Wish you a lovely day:9

  9. Happy Birthday to ya happy birthday, that was me singing.
    Chris x

  10. Happy Birthday!!! A MacBook Pro and a smash book, the best of both worlds, I love it! :p

  11. So glad you had a fabulous day - I will have to admit I had to look up to see what the Macbook Pro was, I guessed a computer of some sort - but it looks fabulous! LOL at the newspaper wrap - reuse reuse reuse! TFS and Happy Birthday ;-)

  12. Happy Birthday, Centennial baby. Do you have your collector spoon the Government gave out? My son's 46th birthday is Sunday. Love the wrapping papers and I giggled at the obits.

  13. happy birthday!! how exciting!! and your presents look amazing!!! have fun playing with them!! next month is my birthday and i will be 47- where does the time go? it seems like yesterday i turned 35- hehehehehe

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Curtis has switched to an Apple computer and loves it. You will too! That is such cool wrapping paper!

  15. Happy Birthday Tracy!!! Your girls are so creative, they did an awesome job wrapping your presents. =)

  16. Well...what good timing on my part! A very happy birthday to you yesterday, Tracy! What a great post! I'm happy to hear you had a great day!
    I just finished watching your video and thought that I really needed to check out your blog. I can't believe I never have but I always saw you on youtube. I look forward to keeping up with you this way! :o)

  17. Happy Birthday Tracy!! I love the obits newspaper wrapping...too funny! Looks like you had a great day and love the gifts and dinner sounded delish! :)

  18. Happy Birthday to you Tracy! Y0u don't look old enough to be 46!!! =) Have fun playing with your presents!


  19. Happy Birthday Tracy - I would have NEVER put you at 46! Not that there is anything wrong with being 46 or looking your age - infact I think life starts to be more interesting and meaningful after your mid-thirties anyway. You look awesome, I would give half my craft supplies away for a Macbook Pro - you are a blessed lady and rightly so!

  20. Awesome!!! Happy birthday a day late, Tracy!! So glad it was a good one. :) I was just saying to my son the other day that I can't believe I am 42 and still getting pimples. Sporting a lovely one on my cheek right now! Lol

  21. Happy Belated Birthday!! and LOL, I love your girls sense of humor!!

  22. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful day! I really love the wrapping that the girls used, especially the papers ;) They are too funny!

  23. great birthday I think! A new computer. Oh my. Wait I thought you got a new one just last year? Maybe that way wayne. I haven't used mac since I was working. I don't know that i want to learn a whole new set up? Have fun and yes, zits are the reminder that we are young at heart. LOL Zits in wrinkles is even more fun and don't ask me how I know. LOL

  24. Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like you were surrounded by those you love. What a wonderful way to spend the day!

  25. OMG !!!! Tracy, Wilth everything going on here I totally forgot. I am soooooooooooooooo sorry girl.It has been a nut house around here for 2 months. Lucky lady...Got a mac pro. Im so jealous.I have wanted on for along time. Im glad you had fun and enjoyed yourself.
    :) Bobbie

  26. I'm so glad you had such a great birthday my friend. You truly deserve it :) I love that they wrapped your gifts in Christmas paper and the obits. Lol!

  27. Love the obit idea...will have to try that for DH this year...he will turn 60...kind of appropriate I think! lol
    That is a beautiful picture of you with your gifts!


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