Thursday, September 22, 2011

A new magazine and Heart Challenge #9

Look what I got :)
My favourite magazine :) 
 Today was the day that the He-Art Journal challenge page was due.
Here is the Assignment:
Today's NEW ASSIGNMENT is "Cut and Paste"....mainly, we've found there is a unique look to finding a cool "head" out there in the magazines and then drawing your own version of the body.

Now I shared with you yesterday, that these kind of freak me out.
There is just something about cutting a head off and then drawing a body to go with it.
So I figured this assignment is going to freak me out....then I will freak them out, lol.
So here is my page ;)

Becky was on the ball with this one, lol. I did this late last night.
I was going to change my mind and make a sweet page with my daughters faces and draw their bodies as cute little angels.
But when my daughters saw this in the morning, they thought it was cool and told me to submit it, love my girls.
 I made the sky with my distress inks.
Drew the grass with just flicks of my Copic markers.
Fence is a border punch.
Painted some with my acrylic paints and sharpie markers.
Stamped and drew the trees.
This is my favourite page. We watch and love "Walking Dead" and this is where this image came from.
I have been having trouble uploading my photos to this challenge site. It is so frustrating.
But when I contacted them, she told me to just send it to her through email. Bet she was surprised when she opened this one, lol.
Another scary thing that happened to me today.
I went to the dentist and had to get a filling. So I needed freezing.
Not only did my lip get frozen, so did my cheek, half my nose and under my eye.
I have never had that happen before. Hubby gets that all the time he gets freezing, but I have never had that happen before, and hope it doesn't happen again.

Thankful Thursday:
Impossible Pie....teehee, my treat I made tonight ;)
Chatting with a friend :)
Ashley putting her shoes away so I don't fall down the stairs

What are you Thankful for today :)



  1. Thankful for a friend like you:)

  2. hahah I knew you would rock this challenge!

  3. You make me laugh, Tracy. Never know what you are going to come up with, you crazy girl. But this is so you!!!
    Great job.

  4. Oh I hate having a numb nose more than anything! I love your page....completely had me thinking Walking Dead before I even read the post! Awesome work!

  5. Ewwww, freak of the week!! Dang, you nailed it. And here I am trying so hard not to make things too creepy for

    You needed freezing? That is a new one. Never heard it called that. Like Amy said, we call it numb.

    I am thankful you put up with me, and that my son drives now, so I rarely have to go to the post office :).

  6. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today..we were in Parleys canyon heading up to Park city Utah..I love it there.;)

  7. Well, that looks like fun! Well done.

  8. Oh yeah I bet she was surprised all right - very nice! Or not nice as the case may be. :-) I'm thankful that it's already Friday by the time I read this. :-)

  9. wow---you really rocked that challenge!

    have a great weekend!

  10. Tracy,
    What a fun challenge. You did a great job, your body looks great. Hmm, that didn't sound good did it. LOL
    I of course was talking about the body you drew
    Hugs, Stacy

  11. Perfect! I love it!!!!! It is so you :) I wonder if she jumped little when she opened your email? Lol
    Hope you're thawed out :)

  12. Wow! You totally rocked that challenge! Fantastic work even if it is a bit creepy. :)

  13. Ha ha ha...that zombie page is totally awesome! You rock, lady.

  14. Oh my gosh.. LOVE the journal pages you've made here!! How much FUN this had to be as you were working on it.. Oh, but late at night, did you say? I think I would have kept hearing strange noises if I had been working on something like this late at night! Nope, I'm pretty sure this would be a DAYTIME project for me! (0; I've done a couple of journal pages over the week, and really had fun with them! In fact I just got my first Aqua Marker.. just one, in black, but I think I'm IN LOVE!!! I'm getting more just as soon as I CAN!... Have a great weekend! ~tina

  15. Hi Tracy... Holy Crap girl, that page is freaky cool! I'm not so much into zombies, but do love vamps/werewolves/and other supernatural shows, so I can understand the fascination! Also, thanks for the blog award, sorry it's been awhile since I've blogged and have had hella stress lately, but I really do appreciate it! Hope you have a great weekend...and yuck with the dentist experience, hope that didn't last long. :)


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