Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Simple Card with Sidewalk

                 Here is a very simple card.
I had coloured the image awhile ago. I was just playing around with colours.
I received some happy mail and this background paper was in there. I was so excited because I thought it went perfect with this coloured image :)
I know, little things like this really make me happy :)
So I just did a double matt for the image and put some pretty ribbon across the card.
See pretty simple.

I was trying my hand at drawing in the how did I do?
The first time I drew it, I noticed that I had stamped the image.....not to straight.
But if you know me, nothing goes to waste. Especially since it was already coloured.
So I re-cut the image and drew on the sidewalk.
I watched a video from Prairiepaperandink (another Canadian girl :) to learn how to do this.

I get so annoyed when I have trouble with packaging.
Here is your average salad dressing.
When I picked it up from the grocery store, the top was shrink wrapped, so there is no way anyone could get into this during transport. I know this for sure, as I had to take a knife to cut the sucker off.
Then I had to unscrew the top (which was way to tight, I needed some help) and then I find a stopper sealed on the top.
Oh but wait they give you a little pull tab to help you open it up :)
Really...are you kidding me...I ripped it off as I pulled. So I needed that knife again to cut around the seal.
All this to open a salad dressing.......CRAZY I tell you, crazy.
Onto My day :
Sharon came by for a visit today.
Made a card.
Did some book work.
Talked to my sister
I tried a new chicken recipe, hence the salad dressing. It was a hit with the whole family :)
Wayne worked late again.....they are so busy at work. I think they would all love to retire. So if anyone is looking to buy a quarry :)
Watched Survivor and now watching Castle.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh, she's so cute! Great image! And you are right, that paper is PERFECT!!! I don't even try to get the wrappers off anymore, I just grab the knife out cause that's the only way it's coming off.....

  2. Your card is adorable, and I think you did a perfect job drawing in that sidewalk. :)

    I hate those little pull tab thingies on bottle of salad dressing, too. They never work!!

    I am sending you your paper tomorrow. It's finally all packed and ready to go. :)

  3. I love gray and yellow. Your card is adorable and I think you did a fantastic job on the sidewalk. I honestly would never have known that wasn't part of the stamp. What paper line is the background paper from?

    I had to laugh about opening the dressing. I'm usually the person everyone comes to to open things. My husband hands me jars all the time. I don't know why I have a knack for it. I guess I have strong hands and wrists LOL.

  4. Hi Tracy,
    What an adorable little girl on this card. Looks perfect.
    Glad you tried a new recipe that was a hit with your family.

  5. Hi there I just checked my blog and read your sweet comment...sorry about your dad, Montana is a lovely place to rest though. I tried to follow but my computer wont let me...I will keep trying.

  6. Such a sweet card and lovely colour combo! :D

  7. Your card looks AWESOME! Great job on the sidewalk! Love the little touches of grass in the cracks!!! Sometimes I wonder about the packaging. Makes you wonder if the companies were reacting to something that happened or if they're being proactive??? Haha!

  8. Oh Tracy your pavement is so fabulous. The shading is perfect, I love this card, I really enjoy seeing your cards and your colouring is so good. Glad your enjoying doing cards.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  9. Hi again Tracy,
    I have tried to comment on your last post but blogger won't let me, so I'll have to put it here.

    Sorry about your Sister, I do hope she recovers well. She must be in pain, and it must have been a bit of a shock for you too.

    I adore your ladybird girl on her bike, super cute!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  10. Ok, that card is adorable!
    Thanks for the chicken recipe - I think I'll give it a try and I'll allow 10 extra minutes to unwrap my salad dressing, lol.

  11. Great card, love the colors. I hate over packaging!

  12. Well you should draw again coz your sidewalk is just amazing!

  13. Your sidewalk looks perfect, like the grass peeking through. Great papers and ribbon for the cute image!

  14. Tracy,
    Not understanding why you called this a simple card, when I think it is stunning. You did a great job on the sidewalk.
    Hugs, Stacy

  15. I love your card! I love those colors together. And you did a wonderful job with the sidewalk.:-) Can't wait to try that chicken recipe. Sounds yummy!

  16. I really love gray, yellow & white together! Looks so sophisticated. I know that no one likes working long hours and my hubby has been doing that with his new job also, but boy, it sure don't take long to get burned out on that routine even though we're totally grateful for having a very dependable job during this rough economy.

    And about those stinkin protective seals on pkg...what IS up with all that extra extra?? The little "tab" thingy they put on the pull seal is hardly worth putting there because they're useless. They rip off without taking the seal with it & they're not long enough even for my small fingers to get a hold of, let alone my hubby! OK, I'm done with that rant!

  17. perfect!!!Well you should try to make this again coz that's looking so amazing.....

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