Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another "Limited Supply Card"

Here is another card I made at our cottage this last weekend with limited supplies.
It may be a challenge to create with limited supplies but I think it makes us more creative.
Does it make me want to get rid of my overflow of supplies....NEVER.
 I coloured her with my Copic markers.
See that little dragonfly under her braid?
That was an oops. When I stamped this image I got some ink on the side of the stamp and didn't check it before I stamped (I never check).
I didn't really want to fussy cut her out, so I thought I would try and draw a dragonfly out of my smudge. I figured what did I have to lose, if it looked like crap, I'd fussy cut the image out.
I also drew in the grass.
 I added some sparkle to the dragonfly's wings. You can't really tell in the pictures though.
Onto My Day:
It was unexciting as usual.
I worked most of the day. Watched a few YouTube videos as I worked.

I was planning on working on my page for the HeArt journal challenge. But I am stumped. I don't like the challenge this week. It is to use a magazine photo of a head and draw the rest of the body. I have seen these done and it freaks me out.
Wish me luck with this challenge I need it.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday.

Tracy :)


  1. Hi Tracy! Love your card!! (and how you fixed that little "oops"!).. As for the art challenge, I think it sounds like fun! I'm working on an art challenge here, but it's not quite as specific. I have to paint an art journal page using anything I want, but NO BRUSHES! So-ooooo.. What was I doing tonight? Picking and scrubbing paint out of my fingernails! EW!! (But I have to admit, a little fingerpainting was kinda fun! I don't know WHEN I last did THAT!)... Have a good night! ~tina

  2. Huh, not sure that I would want the magazine head/ drawn body challenge either! I like how you fixed your "oops", well done! Man, I often get ink smudges, drives me mad!

  3. haha I think you can tackle this challenge! Great coloring on the card!

  4. Good luck with your art challenge. I can hardly wait to see what you create.
    Great card. I like the added dragonfly to cover up your oops.

  5. finally got to watch the rest of your video. It was awesome. Thanks for sharing.
    Love your limited supply cards too. It is amazing what you can create with very little.
    Big hugs,Pea

  6. you make the sutest Cards Tracy!

  7. I always get stressed when I make an oops and then I remind myself that this is why I love this craft so much...there is ALWAYS a way to fix it! Lol I like how you tied in the dragon fly on the green paper too. As for the journal, maybe you should take a humorous approach. Try and find a zombie head or something . Lol

  8. She's adorable and I like the addition of the grass. It is tough to work without all our craft goodies at hand. You did a lovely job with the card!

  9. Tracy, what a cute card! Love how you fixed it with a hand-drawn dragonfly - great job!

  10. wow...i'd never of guessed the dragonfly was an "oops", it looks perfect...great coloring on the girl...

  11. This is very pretty! I LOVE the 'smudge' dragon fly! That was genius and it looks GREAT!

  12. Very cute!....but then again - you got talent girl!

  13. I love your oops! Great way to fix that minor problem. I love these sweet images. She's super cute! :)

  14. Well it looks like you overcame the assignment! (on the head cutting). Very cute on the card & nice job with the dragonfly smudge!

  15. Psst...your grass looks AMAZING!!!


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