Sunday, September 18, 2011

The making and some tips on my Travel Journal.

I made this video on Friday to share with you some tips I learned along the way of making my Travel Journal.
I hope you can use some of these tips when making your own Travel Journal.

I also made a video on the inside pages of my Travel Journal.
I will post that video tonight and share it with you tomorrow.

I made about 8 cards when we were at camp this weekend..... in between the chores we did.
I haven't taken any pictures of them as I had limited supplies and wanted to add them before doing so.
But I did make a cute card for a gentleman up at camp who gave us sweet corn from his farm. It was the best corn I have ever eaten.
As for the card I made him, I coloured a stamped image of a raccoon and then drew a piece of corn, coloured it and popped it up in his hands. It really was a cute'll have to take my word for it as I have given it to him already :)

Hubby and I are just sitting back tonight and enjoying a few movies.
As for closing up camp.....well, we couldn't do it totally, lol.
So we are going back in 2 weeks to finish it up.

Hope your weekend was great and hope you enjoyed some creative time :)



  1. Love the video! Is that nail polish "I'm With Brad" OPI Sephora? I love it! I'm a dark nails girl!! How nice of that man to share his corn with you...home grown always tastes so much better than store bought! Enjoy your movies...hope to hear some reviews :)

  2. Hi Tracy
    Love the hardcover journal and your ideas. Did you make it?
    If not, what brand is it and where did you buy it?

  3. Love how the journal came together. I have one of the smash (you saw my posts) but the book plus shipping is too expensive so I'll be making my own from now on. I ALWAYS have baggies when I go on road trips. Several baggies that always get filled with things I want to scrapbook.

  4. oh...and fyi, I LOVE Montana. It is gorgeous. I would love to live there. But...snow. Lots of snow.

  5. Dontcha hate it when you don't have time to take a picture of a project before giving it away? Sounds like a cute card!

  6. Love the video and your journal thanks for the tips, When I have made a card and given it before taking a picture I have to make another expecially if I liked it a lot.

  7. Love the Travel Journal! Can´t wait to see more of the inside :)

    Have a great day!

  8. Don't have time to check out your video before I head back to work this morning. But you can bet I will this evening when I get home. And I am looking forward to seeing what you have done

  9. what a great video! i love your travel journal!

    have a great day

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! Great travel journal.

  11. Oooohhh, I loved watching your video! That journal is great, where did you find those at? Also love how you packed a little baggie of supplies and then picked up those clear bags to keep your daily items in. So organized! :)

  12. Your journal is amazing. You have great ideas, and you actually implement them. I get ideas, and then.......nothing. So, hurray for you for being so organized and for following through. This is something you will treasure for a long time.

  13. 'Tis my dream to visit Montana...or even live there. *sigh* You are so talented. I know. I say that all the time, but it's true.

  14. i wish you would have been at scrapfest!!! sigh... I would have loved to meet u

  15. such a fun tutorial! and how wonderful is homegrown corn! yum!

  16. Tracy,
    Great video I loved all your tips
    Hugs, Stacy


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