Friday, September 30, 2011

Its was a Crazy Day.

Today was a hectic kind of day.
You know the kind of day where you are moving 100mph and still seem like you aren't getting enough done.
Well that was my day today.

I finally (with the help from Jessica from the Greeting Farm) figured out how and why my photos weren't being down/uploaded to their site.
So I have to resize (thanks to Heather for showing me how) every photo to re-post them to their site.
I ran out of time though

Then Ashley and I ran to Michael's as she is on a baking/decorating kick again. So she needed colouring for her icing. Traffic was crazy. Now I don't live in a big city. I can go anywhere I want in town in 15 minutes or less.
But not today. So many roads or lanes were closed. I was crazy and frustrating.
Picked up Kristy and then drove her boyfriend home.
Plus doing everyone's errands ;(

Then I had to do my post for the blog hop tomorrow. Come by and check it out.
Crazy day I tell you.

Having 3 daughters, 2 are adults the youngest a teen. You would think my home would be spotless...NOT.
I made this sign the other day and posted it on the bathroom wall.
I was shocked that it worked.....
for the 1st day.

Hope you all had a creative Friday:)

Tracy :)


  1. That reminds tub isn't draining so well. (See, there are cons to having this much hair!)

  2. Glad it worked! We all need reminders now and then ;)

    Sorry for the fast paced day, I hate those!

  3. Tracy,
    To funny. I love the sign, I really like how it is signed "management"
    It is only me & hubby in the house and my house still is not clean. He leaves a trail of clothes as he undresses from the front door all the way to the bathroom when he gets home. Now one would think that would be a turn on, maybe even a lil sexy, but NOT when you have to pick them all up.
    Hugs, Stacy

  4. 100mph and getting not enough done? Yup, that's me to a T every day. But that is because my brain is at 100mph and my body is usually at about 25mph lol. I'm forever picking up everyone's clothes. They have all decided I'm the maid.

    I can't believe you didn't decorate the sign or use your copics at least lol.

  5. I am cracking up at the sign you posted. Mike is always getting on me for the hair in the drain. He says it looks like a small dog after I shower :) I can't wait to see what you post tomorrow!

  6. Oh and I'm glad you figured out the art journal site. I'm still having trouble. That's why I haven't been posting my pages...

  7. Slow down, girl. Love the sign you made for your family.
    When Cait is home you can find trails of her in every room. But, I so miss her when she isn't here.

  8. HA! I think mine need a list too- I was reeeeeealllllly hoping that it would get better! Mine are 13, 12 and 9!

  9. LOL! I had a similar sign hanging up in my house when I was a teen too!

    Sorry about your sucky day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better one!

  10. The sketch, the image, the card, wow what a great job....tfs

  11. I think your sign is brilliant, I would try it but I doubt that they would even bother to read it Lol!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  12. Great sign! Yes, that stuff goes on at my house too! Three girls and a teenager who probably wouldn't pay any attention to a sign. TFS ;o)


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