Saturday, September 17, 2011

I caught a thief.

Look we have a thief ;)
Hubby likes to leave treats out for the chipmunks at camp.
He buys sunflower seeds by the bag full, he puts out bread crust for them.
He also throws our corn cobs out for the rabbits, who visit during the evening.
Either this is one giant chipmunk or our neighbour Sonja's dog, lol.
Look at her face, she even looks guilty :)
 Oh and her is her accomplice, Oreo.
We got a lot done today.
We covered up the docks.
Covered up the patio furniture.
Brought in all the solar lights.
Split fire wood and piled it (until my back couldn't take it anymore)
I made 4 cards and coloured 3 images (made 3 cards last night).
We still have more to do, but are planning on coming up in a couple of weeks to totally close up. We do this every year. I think we just don't want summer to end.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.



  1. What cute thieves! :-) I'm sorry to see summer go as well. But I love fall! Can't wait to see what you created over the weekend! :-)

  2. LOL -- those thieves are so darn adorable!

    I can't blame you either... I don't want summer to end too! :)


  3. Cute dogs! You are always so productive!

  4. Oh those dogs are so cute! I wonder if they've been sneaking the food the whole time? I know you must be so sad to be closing up camp, but before we all know it we'll be through Christmas and winter and it will be spring again. Time flies by anymore, doesn't it? Kind of scary.

  5. Oh those dogs sure do get into everything but we can't help but smile and pet them anyway.... Are you going to go to Kim Ried's craft day in October???(kraftin kimmie stamps) I'm all signed up. It's in London, not sure how far you are but would love to meet some blogger friends...tfs

  6. I love how an animal can have the look of guilt on their faces!

  7. Adorable thieves!! We toss out things for the critters here too. Sometimes it's the neighbor's barn kitties that get to partake in the treats, but we've seen 'possums & coons too.

  8. Yeah, they look guilty, alright!

    Did Kimberly say London, ON? Hey, smells like my home city to me. Waaah...I wanna go!


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