Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just a reminder :)

I just want to spread the word.
On October 1st is National Card Making Day.
I didn't even know there was one, oops. What kind of a card maker am I that I didn't even know this.
Well Graphicat Design came up with the idea to have an all Canadian Blog Hop.
I am so excited to be part of this.
Sad thing is I will be at our cottage that day closing it up for the season :( . So I can schedule a post, but I will have trouble visiting all the other bloggers :(
If you want to know more about this blog hop, the talented Nicole not only made this blinkie, but she also wrote a much more detailed and humorous post about it then I did :)

I am sorry to say I have nothing crafty for you today :(
I had to do some book work, ran Kristy and her friend to the movies.
Had to run to Superstore for some TP, boy we go through that stuff. I should buy stocks in it.
Then chatted with my friend who (I think) needed to hear a friends voice. Hope I put a smile on your face, and gave you some comfort. 
I do have a couple of Christmas cards I could share, but I refuse to put anything Christmas on my blog until at least December.
Christmas comes to soon and I don't want to rush it.  
Hope you all had a creative Tuesday.
Tracy :)


  1. Regarding my sneak peek, rodents creep me out too. I can handle spiders and snakes, but not rodents.

    I may just be the first comment tonight! Maybe I could open up a debate about the holidays, and how they do come and go so fast, and when to decorate, etc., etc. If you start featuring Christmas projects now, I see where you might be rushing it. But, aren't you also extending the beauty of the season, by starting now?

    Hugs and a snap of the strap my dear :)

  2. can't wait to see your card! i know it will be something awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nothing for me to post either, since I worked all day yesterday and back for more today.
    Hope you are having a Simply marvelous week.

  4. I'm trying to come up with something good for Saturday! Can't wait to see what you make! I had a friend I'm college who felt like Thanksgiving got left out every year because of all the hoopla over Christmas. She would get pissed at us if we put up anything in our apartment before Thanksgiving :)

  5. I didn't get anything crafty done, yesterday, either. I may take my little one to do some crafty shopping since we both like that. I'm not ready to see Christmas yet. I know it's everywhere but we still have to get through Halloween first. However, the day after our Thanksgiving I'm usually gung ho christmas.

  6. Thanks for the reminder I will try and join in...love that you are waiting til December for Christmas - made me smile :)

  7. Christmas is definitely my favorite, next to Halloween! We start decorating right after Thanksgiving :0) Can't wait to see your card, I'm sure it is going to be fabulous, as always! Hugs!

  8. I'd love to see your Christmas cards! I need to start on them well before December in order to finish them.

  9. I am going to celebrate National Card Making Day here in the states.:-) Can't wait to see your cards!

  10. I forget about the National Card making day every year. I sure do see tons of great ones that are made on that day though...Wow! Can't wait to see what you've done for the occasion! Have fun closing up the lodge for the season. ;^)

    If I didn't have craft shows to do so early, I wouldn't be making Christmas stuff now either. I only made my Christmas cards in Aug one time because I knew how I wanted them and had the stuff and the time. It ain't happened since. LOL!

  11. I don't blame you for not wanting to post anything Christmas yet! I am the same way :)

  12. I will have to hop around that day!


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