Thursday, May 18, 2017

Layouts Defunkified

I have finally got my loose layouts organized!!!!
I was a bit surprised that I had 44 layouts completed.
But I was even more surprised to see that I had 89 layouts semi-completed.
Meaning layouts without photos.
Then on Friday Night Scrapbooking, I did another 2 page spread without photos.

So now to count I have 135 layouts done!!!
I organized my completed layouts (on the left) in order by date of when the photos were taken.
I organized my semi-completed layouts (on the right) in order by kit...if they were made from a kit.
As a lot of my layouts are made from kits I had purchased at Crop & Create or our Thank You Goodie Bags.

My next task is to make a video on my completed layouts that I haven't shared yet and to also put photos on the semi-completed layouts.
My daughters were really giving me a hard time on not having photos on so many layouts...but I have been having so much fun just making layouts with or without photos.

I made a video on how I organized these :)
To watch this video on my YouTube channel, just click on the link "Tracy's Treasures24"

I hope you all have a very Creative Day :)


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Mother's Day

Any day with these beautiful girls of mine is the best day :)
We celebrated Mother's day on the Saturday.
With Ashley being a mother now herself, we celebrated the day before so she could enjoy her 1st Mother's Day with her husband and son.
My girls and I enjoyed a nice walk around the neighbourhood.

I enjoyed feeding Sawyer his first veggies.
His Grandma Karen fed it to him the day before and the poor little guy hated them...he actually cried and gagged the first time he ate them, lol.
He was better this time, but he still wasn't loving them.

Sunday morning I woke up to this sweet text from Ashley since we didn't see each other on Mother's Day.

Spending the day with my family was all I wanted, but as always they spoiled me :)
I received this beautiful card, a gift card for Michael's (this will help with my no spend on craft supplies challenge).
They bought me a Doxie photo scanner..which I received early.
And my grandson and son-in-law gave me this precious mug <3 p="">

Later on we went out for ice-cream. banana strawberry...yum.
I usually get a kids size cone, but this time I got a small and ate it all, lol.

How did you celebrate your Mother's Day?

Tracy :)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Layout Organization and Face Time

I am still working on organizing my layouts.
I don't know why I had the urge to put these kits in order of when I bought them from the Crop & Create event...but I did, lol.
It took most of my day.....many may think it was a waste of time, but it is something I just had to do and am happy that I did.

I also did a couple of videos of the pages I have done from the kits, but most of the pages don't have pictures on them, so I figured I will hold off on the videos until the layouts have the photos on them.

Yesterday I was at my daughter Ashley's house scanning our old photos to have digital copies.
That also took most of the day, but we are on my albums which are in order, so the scanning should go a lot quicker now.

But the great part is being able to see, play and snuggle with this little guy.
Oh my goodness he has my heart.
Oh yes, and of course seeing my daughter Ashley :)

I miss this girl so much!!
Kristy is still in Italy and having a blast.
I am so happy she is enjoying herself as I know she would.
One thing that helps me miss her a little bit less, is that we have a family group text.
So she posts what she is doing during the day and we keep her up to date with shat is happening here.
But even better....we FaceTime at least once a day!!
I get to see her pretty little face and hear her happy voice and she will give us a tour of her hotel.
3 more days and she will be home!!!

I hope you all are having a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Happy International Scrapbooking Day

Hope you all are having a great International Scrapbooking Day :)
I planned on scrapbooking all day, so told my friends to drop over if they wanted to play along.
My friend Lynne came by and we had some chuckles and instead of scrapbooking we organized, lol.
Lynne took her photos out of her sleeve albums and put them into photo boxes, and I moved from task to task, lol.

After Lynne left I worked on my albums and layouts.
My daughters have mentioned that I haven't completed their baby scrapbooks..yup, sad but true.
My oldest is 27 and I still haven't completed them.
So the first thing I did was take out their albums and some of my finished layouts that I don't have photos in.

I went through my daughter's albums and figured out what years or milestones that I had missed in these books and wrote them on sticky notes for each one.

Then I gathered up all of my layouts that weren't in albums, or that don't have photos on them.
Yup, those are all (that I know of) layouts that I have completed.
Some are completed pages with photos on them, others need photos.
I am hoping that a lot of the layouts with no photos will work in my daughter's albums...that will make completing their albums so much quicker.

I also did a quick video sharing my hopefully easy process with a couple of quick flips in their albums :)
If you would like to see the video on my YouTube Channel...just click the link "Tracy's Treasures24"

I hope you all have a very creative Scrapbooking Day :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Organizing my Photos

Thought you would be seeing my tote organization....ya, me too, lol.
But I can't just have one task going at a time, I need many.

I have been worried about my photos in these sticky paged albums.
The adhesive they use (or used) on these albums are not archival safe.
Over the years the adhesive deteriorates your photos and makes them brittle
I have planned on taking them out of here for years.
Today was the day!

Some of the albums were difficult to take the photos off, and other the photos practically fell off.
See how the adhesive effects the photos.
The top left one is so discoloured.
I was going to discard this one, but my daughter (Ashley who is a photographer) told me she could invert the colour (or something like that) so I kept it.
See the cute short haired girl on the bottom left...thats me ;)
There is a long story about that hair cut...but that is another story.

Look how the pages have discoloured around the edges...that is what happens to paper over the years if the paper isn't acid free.

I used these tools to pry and lift the photos off of the pages.
Some were stuck on there good...or should I say bad.
Most are not damaged from the front, but this one really didn't want to come off.
Plus I was so over this process, and may have lost my patience.

If this wasn't enough of a challenge for me, I also asked my siblings for their albums of our childhood photos to scan them as well.
After taking off all of the photos, then came the tedious process of putting the photos in chronological order.
Which wasn't the easiest as my mom wasn't very organized ...... she had old black and white photos with more recent coloured photos. Also only a few photos had the year on them.
Plus my mom passed away years ago and all of our relatives have either passed away or live so far away, putting them in some kind of order was little like playing a detective.
This is where searching for details in the photos help a lot....."he is wearing a wedding ring, so this is after mom and dad were married"
Or even looking at the size of the photos or the background colour of the photo paper.
My daughter was really good at this.

I purchased a photo album with sleeves to put the photos in so they wouldn't get out of order before scanning.
My daughter Heather had this job.
We did this while FaceTiming with my daughter Kristy, who is in Italy, and told us about her day :)
In between prying photos off of the album pages, I took many breaks with this little cutie.
I am so lucky that my family lives so close and that they actually enjoy spending time with me, teehee.
Making memories everyday :)

We still have so much more to do and I will share with you more on our process when we are closer to being done.

I hope you all have a very Creative Day today.

Tracy :)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Organizing my creative totes

I have been putting off organizing these totes of mine for quite some time.
By the look of my living room floor, I should have put it off for a bit longer, lol.

If you know me you know I love planners, journals, notebooks and well, anything paper related.
I also craft all over.
I got to crops, to friends homes and anywhere around my house.
So I will grab another tote and fill it with the supplies I need for that project and move on...never to put away the supplies.
So I decided to go through everything.

This one is my Craftsman Tool Tote.
I have been using this for my planners and journals.
Then I just started to put other things in here, and it just got to stuffed and I kind of stopped using it as it didn't work for me anymore.

This one I bought from 31 Bags.
I use it to just throw stuff in.
Like when I am working on a project and tote my supplies to other areas in the house.
Truth Time: when I have to clean up and I don't feel like I have time to put my supplies in their proper places, I just dump them in this bag.

As tiny as this tote is...I can sure fill it up nicely, lol.
I keep this little tote on my desk when I am scrapbooking.
It has my pens, scissors, bone folder and other supplies and embellishments that I need (or may need) right in front of me.
I like this little tote as it doesn't take up a lot of room on my desk or table.

Now like everything when I organize...the first thing is to take everything out and see what I have.
I put things in a bit of an order.
Planner stickers, fauxbonichi stickers and stamps in the back.
Washi tape on the left.
Supplies that need to be put back in my craft room in the center.
Embellishments on the right.
Pens and inks in the front.
See a bit organized ;)

I took my planners, notebooks and journals out and am going to figure out a better way to keep them.
The Create 365 planner holder holds my Christmas planner.
I left it in there as I have loose papers in there pertaining to this planner.

Look at all of these empty totes.
I have to admit I do have more totes as I have a bit of an addiction to them.
I left the pens in my Craftsman tote as I have to go through them all as there are some that I don't like to write with, so they will get donated to friends.

You thought I would be sharing my organized totes with you today?!?!
I wish, lol.
My living room looks a bit like a stationary store blew up in it.
Hoping to complete it tomorrow, but I can't make any promises as I have another project I am doing with my daughter.
So many projects not enough me, lol

I hope you all have a very Creative Day today :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book Review "Girlfriend in a Coma"

Keeping up with my goal of reading a book a is the one I read for the month of April.
Yes, I completed it today...nothing like completing a goal at the last minute.
This book was given to me by my friend Tessie.
Now that everyone knows I want to read a book a month, everyone is giving me books...thanks friends :)

Now before I give my review I want to say I am not a writer...I wish I was, I think I could be, but I am not, so my review is only my opinion as a reader.
With that being said here I go.

One of my favourite authors is Stephen King, so when I read this write up comparing the book to his writing, I got a bit excited.
I can see why they thought that...but the person who wrote that, I don't think has ever read a Stephen King book.
This book seemed to be all over the place and there were a few places I thought "what, I think he just contradicted himself in his writing"?!
I did enjoy parts of this book and it was an easy, quick read.
I did like the apocalyptic part of this book!

Onto My Day:
Yesterday Kristy took off for her trip to Italy.
I drove them all to the airport and snapped a quick picture.
Kristy has been texting us and even Face-Timed with me twice :)
Needless to say with the 6 hour time difference I have been bringing my cell phone in my bedroom at night.

My daughter Ashley and this cool little dude came for a visit today :)
I can't get enough of him...but I am sure most of you know that.

I should actually go down in my library of books and pick out one for tomorrow so I can get a jump on it before the end of the May.

I hope you all have a ver Creative Day :)

Tracy :)