Monday, September 22, 2014

Scrappy adventures Day 1

Here is my adventure for this week. 
Sharon and I are headed to Hinckley for a few days, to do some scrapbooking shopping, do you a little creating at the hotel and for Sharon ... some gambling. Our first stop was Michael's, where I found a few goodies ;)
Yes...that's more washi tape. After I totally reorganized my washi tape drawers, teehee. 
For someone who doesn't do project life I should buy enough of their products ;)

We then headed off to Hobby lobby for some more creative shopping.
I was planning on making a Halloween banner with the banners I bought from Michaels, but when I saw this one, and it was on sale and easy to put together Sharon suggested I just get it at 40% off. 
I still get to put it together and make the rosettes, but less work then making it from scratch ;)
After all the hard work of shopping, we had to go for lunch. So we went for one of my favourites, a Coney burger in the mall. 

We did some gambling. 
I even gambled!!

I spent $3.00, I WON $29.75. That's almost a 300% profit. 
More crafting supplies for me :) 
We also went to Pine City Scrapbooking, but this post is getting pretty long with the photos and I don't know how well the Internet is here, so I will share that on another day :)

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :) 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nice day for a Marathon

Wow, what a day today was.
I was so nervous and excited I could hardly believe it.
I must have been a bit anxious as well, because last night I kept having dreams that they wouldn't let me do the marathon as I didn't listen to the co-ordinators spiels, lol.

Here is my friend Debbie and I at my house before my honey drove us to the race.
We thought it would be crazy there, so figured it would just be easier for him to drop us off there.

Man it was chilly waiting for the marathon to start.
It was 8C (46F) it was also a bit windy….it was perfect once we started moving though.
The smiley lady in the front, is Debbie's sister Brenda. Brenda ran the whole 1/2 marathon!!!

And off we go…..

I had never thought I would do a marathon…let alone finish one.
Debbie and I came in second and third for our 1/2 walking marathon.
We wanted to start and finish the marathon at the same time.
So when we got to the finish line we put our arms around each other and walked on the finish mat at the exact same time :)
I was a bit teary eyed crossing the finish line…but I sucked it up ;)

I'm thinking we look pretty good here for just finishing our marathon :)
We even got a medal :)
We did 13.1 miles in 3 hours and 14 minutes :)
We were 2nd and 3rd overall in the walking category.
Best time we had ever walked during our training :)

Now how to scrapbook this milestone event

Thank you for all the encouraging words you have all left me :)
There were many spectators encouraging us all during the whole marathon.
It really helped keep everyones spirits up.
Really touched my heart.

I hope you all had a Creative Sunday.
Now for my next adventure, which starts tomorrow ;)

Tracy :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

She said Yes to the Dress!!!!

We found a perfect Wedding dress for Ashley :)
The dress is beautiful and she looks stunning with it on.
I cried…..again.
I would love to share it with you all, but you will have to wait until August 2015 :)
I made Ashley put this cute headband on and she let me take a photo :)
She is so sweet to let me take these types of photos of her :)

The head band says "Future Mrs."
I thought it was cute :)

When we arrived in Duluth, we were a bit too early for our appointment with the Bridal Shop, so we stopped off at Hobby Lobby.
It wasn't even my suggestion…really!!!
My girls enjoy looking through this store.
But I did leave there with a couple of stamp sets ;)

After picking out the perfect wedding dress, we were hungry, so stopped off at the mall.
Had one of their coney burgers that I love so much.

Heather wanted to go to Cold Stone (or Stone Cold as I seem to wrongfully call it) for some ice-cream.
I still find it funny that they have a Weight Watchers in the same building as Cold Stone.

Sadly Kristy had to work today, so she wasn't able to come on our little trip with us :(

On our trips to the States, we drive by this glass/antique place.
They are always open.
But early in the morning or in the winter, they just cover everything up with tarps.
We have never stopped, but this time we decided to take a peek.
I was shocked at how much stuff they had.
I thought a lot of the things were pricey….but then again I may have changed my mind if I knew anything about antiques.

We left at 6:00 am and got back home at about 7:00pm.
Long day and a lot of travel time.
But I am so happy that Ashley found her dress, it was actually one of the first ones she tried on, the first time she went dress shopping, but didn't feel right about us not being there with her.
Such a sweetie:)

Tomorrow is my marathon..and then next week is pretty exciting for me as well…but one day at a time ;)
Hope you all had a Creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Exciting day today.
First I went to pick up my race/marathon packet :)
Here is the shirt I received…I like it :)
So encouraging, they have faith that we are all going to finish the marathon ;)

Here is the back of the shirt with the date of the marathon and the sponsors.

Tonight was the first night of my Friday Night Scrapbooking night :)
I wasn't sure if I was even going to be able to have it as Ashley wants to go to Duluth to look at wedding dresses.
The poor girl is so overwhelmed, and all the shops tell her she should have her dress picked out and ordered about a year or so before the wedding.
So we decided to take a day trip to Duluth to check out David's Bridal.
She looks beautiful in every dress she tried on, but she hasn't found the "one" yet.
Her "soon to be" MIL came with us yesterday when we went wedding dress shopping and also told Ashley that any dress that she picks, she will look beautiful in :)
I totally agree.
So early morning for me as the drive is about 3.5 hours…4-5 hours with the construction on the highway.

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wedding Dress Shopping

Guess what I have been doing this weekend?!
Thats right….wedding dress shopping with my daughter.

Actually I have been wedding dress shopping with all of my daughters :)
It is so hard to pick the perfect dress.
Especially since Ashley looks beautifully stunning in every single dress.
I have a couple of favourites, but ultimately it is up to her to decide on which one she feels best suits her.
I surprised myself that I cried after a couple of dresses.
I shouldn't be surprised, as I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I thought I could hold it in.
But nope, cried like a baby ;)
I better have a stack of tissues with me for the wedding ;)

Thankful Thursday's are back.
I am thankful that my daughters are so close.
Ashley went for a little trip with her friend to look at dresses last weekend.
Her friend made Ashley try on some dresses. Ashley said it didn't feel right without her sister's and I there with her.
I am also thankful that Kristy started her new job today :)

Hope you all had a Creative Thursday :)
I worked in my craft room today.

Tracy :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's on Your Workdesk…..A new look

If you read yesterday's post, then you know that I am working on my desk.
Here is a photo of my desk from a few months ago.
Not the most functional.
A bit mish mashy.

I took one of these shelves (its actually a shoe holder) and thought this would work.
Then I started to think, maybe 2 would be better.
But should I put them side by side, or one on top of the other?

Then I got to thinking maybe drawers would be better.
But then realized maybe the drawers would get in the way of my work space when I opened them.
Plus they stick out a bit further then the shelves, so maybe not the best.
These drawers are how I used to store my coloured papers, that is why the different coloured circles on each drawer.

So then I got to thinking, (as my brain can't leave anything alone)  how about if I put the drawers on either side of my work area.
I stacked one set on top of the other.

One of the reasons why I wanted to change how my desk works, is
1. I wanted certain supplies close at hand.
2. My spiny holder scrapes my wall when I turn it and I don't want to mess up my beautiful red walls ;)
If I keep it up here, on the one set of drawers, then it is far enough from the wall, not to scrape it.
I also put my journal cards in the centre as it looked kind of empty.

Then I got to thinking…why can't I have the best of both worlds ;)
So I put my shelf in the center of the drawer sets.
I think I like this the best.
This way I can tuck things in the drawers and put higher supplies in baskets in the shelves.

Now with me being as anal as I am, I think I am going to take my washi tape drawer (which is the exact same as these ones, minus the paper I added to the fronts) and put it on top of the one set.
That does mean that my spiny holder will have to be put to the side.

But as I like everything to by symmetrical, I think I NEED to do this ;)

I am going to link this post up to "Stamping Ground" for What's on your work desk Wednesday

I hope you all had a Creative Day today :)
I had a pretty exciting day today….but tomorrow will be equally exciting and I will share that with you tomorrow :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Defunkifying Resumed

I am back to working on cleaning and defunkifying my craft room.

I am thinking of adding a shelf to my work desk for more "close at hand" storage.
I am actually thinking of adding two of these side by side on my desk.
I could get a longer one, but I think with the weight of my supplies it may bow.

Onto My Day:
I spent most of the day in my craft room.
I was invited to my friend Lynne's house for a hot chocolate, and to see her purchases from her trip. When I got there she was making lunch and made me an omelet :)
Chatted with a friend on the phone for over 2 hours.
Went for a walk tonight with my friend Debbie.

Thought I would start up my proud Tuesdays again.
Today I am proud that I did over 15,000 steps…without doing my morning walk.
Working on my craft room.

So what are you proud of today.
And do you think I should add another shelf to my desk, or leave it as is?

Hope you all had a Creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)