Friday, September 14, 2018

Thank you & Happy Day Cards

I have this really pretty paper that I was saving.
That was until my daughter used it for her 8x8 album she makes for her boyfriend every year.
When I saw that she had cut into it, I swear I was hiding my emotions really well....then she said, you were saving this paper weren't you.
Yes, I wear my emotions on my sleeve, lol.
But in all honesty, I am glad she cut into it, as who's to say when I would...or if I ever would.

So it gave me a reason to make a couple of pretty cards with the left over pieces....considering she used both of them, lol.
I made this "Thank You" card.
Such a simple yet pretty card, I let the paper do all of the work.
The sentiment is from an old Studio G ditto stamp set.

And because I had another pretty piece of paper, I also stamped "Happy Day" from the same stamp set for an upcoming birthday card I need.

Because there was a tad more pattern on this sheet of paper I used them for the insides of the cards where I can write a sentiment to the recipient or stamp one.

The inside to the second card.

Here are both of the cards together.
See the pretty copper or rose gold foil on pretty.
So simple, pretty paper backed onto some grey cardstock and mounted on the card!

I needed to use my Tim Holtz travel sized Stamp Platform, as I stamped it 3 times to get the ink a nice crisp black that I wanted.
It was only the second time using this tool and I got it marked up...I feel like I ruined it and cried to a friend via text about I knew she would understand, lol.

My friend suggested to use nail polish remover, but she said it dulled the shine on hers.
Another friend had read to use a Magic Eraser..but I know from using that on my floor that it takes the finish off.
I didn't want to lose the shine, so figured I would just live with it.
At least it is straight and a happy sentiment, lol.
Turns out I wiped it off with hand sanitizer!!!!

I have been AWAL most of the summer due to cottage time and enjoying the outdoors.
But decided to link up my to a challenge on these cards..I'm hoping to do more in the future :)
I have linked up with "Paper Business Papercraft Challenge #10" Anything Goes with the option of Thank You.

I hope you all have a very Creative Day
Tracy πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Thursday, September 13, 2018

One Good Friend...Art Journal page

I have a few groups of friends that are into art journaling and we give out challenges to keep us motivated to try new things.
This is our 5th challenge and my friend Lynne chose the theme this time.
It was to use circles, your favourite colour and some type of texture.

Here is my take on the challenge:

Again I used some of my girl images these ones are from the Prima line by Julie Nutting.
If you know me then you know my favourite colour is burgundy.

I had so much fun with this background.
I started by adding gesso to my page and then adding some colour with Vicki Boutin art crayons.
One of the things I really love about Vicki's crayons is that there is no can use the whole crayon right up to the tiniest piece and the wrapper is just that...a paper wrapper that can be recycled!
And of course there are some beautiful colours.

Because I used gesso first, I was able to wipe some colour away to give a pattern to my page.
I used this mini circle stencil and with a baby wipe on top of it, I wiped the colour away...pretty cool eh?!
And see these glossy darker circles??
I used (again) Vicki Boutin's iridescent glaze and added a bit of the art crayon to add some colour to the glaze for my texture.
This is the same colour I used on the background...but the colour is more vibrant.

I then used an empty paper loo roll dipped into black paint to get my black circles around the glazed circles and the did some splatters with the paint, which I watered down a bit.
The sentiment I printed on my computer and cut to size.

For the dolls I just used some pencil crayons to colour them up and used some pretty pattern paper and fussy cut out their dresses.

There you have it my completed art journal page for our challenge.
I am pretty impressed that I remember all of my steps as I had made this page on the May Long weekend at my friend Sharon's camp :)
Oh yes, and the grass is some washi tape.

Here is everyone's take on this challenge.
I know I say it every time, but I just love how all of our pages are so different even though we all follow the same challenge.

I hope you all enjoyed a peek into my art journal, and I hope you all have a very creative day.

Tracy πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Welcome to the World Dawson

I am so over the moon happy to announce the birth of my second grandson Dawson!!

He decided to come 2 weeks early.
My husband and I were at camp and my daughter was texting me all through the night about if she was going into labour or not.
As it was at night it was way to dangerous for us to drive the 2 hours home.
So first thing in the morning I told my husband we need to get back to town, as Ashley is going to be having this baby today.

Sure enough, we were in the labour and delivery waiting room when we get a text "Baby is Here!!"
Talk about perfect timing!!!
This was the quickest drive home from camp ever!!!!

Here we are Grandpa and Grandma for the second time and we are just as excited as we were when Sawyer was born.

He is perfect and just so adorable.
If you are wondering...big brother Sawyer has taken to Dawson wonderfully πŸ’•

I just can't get enough of these 2 little sweeties πŸ’—

Tracy πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Adventures Await.... Art journal page

I have a few groups of friends that are into art journaling and we give out challenges to keep us motivated to try new things.
This is our 4th challenge and I was to pick the theme.
I wanted us to use a girl image and something that represents you.

Here is my take on the challenge:

I created this page during the May long weekend that my daughters and I spent at my friend Sharon's camp.
What represents me is reading and writing. I love to do both.
And I love these gorjuss girl images.

I really like the vintage look that distress inks give me.
I started with inking the pages and then stamping, also with distress ink, using a script stamp.

And to make it look even more vintage I also inked around the edges of the pages.
It is a lot of work, but so worth it for the look I wanted.

That was...until I dropped the ink pad...oops.

I made a miniature  book for my girl to hold.
It also has pages that can be flipped :)
I wanted a bigger girl and also didn't want to bring my markers on this crafty get away, so I printed up an already coloured image and enlarged it to the size I wanted.

I used the Tim Holtz typewriter die to cut out the vintage typewriter and added a pattern paper with typed words on it to the die cut piece.
The books are from my stamps that I stamped and again enlarged, and coloured with some distress inks.

Here again is my completed page.
I really like how it turned out and this does show my interests.

Here are everyone's challenge pieces who took on this challenge.
I love how they are all so different even though we all followed the same challenge.

I hope you all enjoyed a peek into my art journal and hope you all have a very creative day.

Tracy πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fun with Family and Friends

We have been so busy...but a good busy.
Our summers are so short here in Northern Ontario, Canada, that I try to squeeze out as much fun and outdoor time as I can.

This summer was really special as my brother David, his wife Amanda and their 3 boys came to out here to spend the long weekend with us πŸ’—
My dad and stepmom were planning on coming as well...but sadly were unable to make it 😒
My sister in law/ friend Sharon and her husband Jim also came up the August long weekend.

Here is my little brother and I.
I love to call him my little brother...even though he is over 6ft tall and I am under 5ft, lol.
Most of my family live in a different province than me, so I cherish the time we get together.

Here is Amanda, David's beautiful energetic wife...with 3 young boys she needs all her energy, lol.

This handsome young man is Tom, David and Amanda's oldest son.
He is so smart and a good role model to his younger brothers...if they would follow suit, lol.

Here is Dustin...their middle son.
Dustin is so inquisitive and wants to know everything.

This little cutie is Tristen, the youngest of their 3 boys.
He is so sweet and loves to follow his older brothers, but also loves to play by himself.

And of course I have to share a photo of my little grandson Sawyer.
This little guy has my heart.
He enjoyed watching the older boys play and joining in as well....he also observed the boys fight, but let's hope he doesn't pick that up with his new to be born brother.

We taught the boys how to whistle with grass.
And I got them to play the quiet game...which lasted 45 minutes with Dustin and an hour with Tom...I was impressed, they did better than I ever would, lol.
I also bribed them with chocolate treats to deter them from poking and pushing each other...which actually worked, so you know they are related to me, as I would do most anything for chocolate.

Another way to keep busy active boys occupied...let them bury each other in the sand at the beach, lol.
They really enjoyed this.

We all enjoyed a night fire with toasted marshmallows, Smores and banana boats.
Sharon and I stayed up way past our bedtime....actually we stayed up way past everyone's bedtime as her and I sat around the fire long after everyone else went to bed.
I can't tell you how much I loved that.

Besides the cute boys that I spent my weekend with, my middle daughter Heather came out to spend time with us at the cottage.

My oldest daughter Ashley and her husband Tyler enjoyed the weekend with us.

My baby Kristy and her boyfriend Blake were out here as well.

And can't forget my silly husband Wayne πŸ’—

My SIL/girlfriend Sharon came out with her husband Jim.

We always celebrate Jim's birthday out here.
The boys were excited that there was birthday cake...and Dustin (accidentally) got icing on his finger..I had to explain to him the difference of accidentally and on purpose..I don't think he cared, as long as he got to lick the icing from his finger, lol.

Wayne and I are so so happy that my daughter Ashley and her husband Tyler bought our other camp, which is right next door to our new one.
There is nothing as special as having my grandson Sawyer coming over whenever he wants, or to hear him calling us from their camp πŸ’—

I have a good life and I know it...I am a very lucky person to have my family so close to me, and that they want to be close to Wayne and I.
I am also very lucky to have friends that enjoy the time we spend together and that I can confide in and that we can count on each other.
Some may think I am bragging on here, but this is not only a place to share my crafts, but also a place to document my life and what is happening in it, it is for me to look back on when my days aren't so bright so I can smile and know that I am loved and how many I love right back.
And with a world where not all is happy and there is so much hate and jealously, why not focus on the good and happy times πŸ’—

I hope you are all enjoying your summer

Tracy πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Another birthday card.

July is full of birthdays and so many fun opportunities to make Birthday cards!!
I made this one for my friend Debbie.
I have a few birthday cards on hand...but sometimes we need to make a special card for a special person.

I had this image that I had coloured earlier and I just love this image from MFT's Pure Innocence line...I think it is called  Happy Mail, I have used her a lot, she is just so darn cute and that bird on the mail box πŸ’—
I created this card up at our cottage, so I used the papers (Cut & Paste by MME) and supplies that I keep up here (which is quite a bit actually) to create this card.

I did bring this Stamping Up stamp set called "Happy Birthday, Everyone" especially for this card and then decided to leave it up here.
Can you believe this is the first time I have used this set!!
I think it was a Hostess set from when I hosted a SU party a couple of years ago.

Yes I really do make this much mess creating one card, teehee.
Here is my work area up at our cottage.
I am so so so overly excited that I have my own little room dedicated for my crafts in our new cottage.
Well it is for my crafts and there is a futon in here as well for guests.
My husband keeps teasing me when I say its my craft room...he says its the spare room or the guest room.....or even his fishing room.
But I have caught him more than once referring to it as my craft room....brain washing really does work, teehee.
I will share more on this area in another post.

But seriously, how can you beat this view.
I can open the window and chat with anyone on the deck.
And I can admire our little lake and listen to the loons while creating.
Now you all know why I love it here so much.

I hope you all have a very creative day today and enjoy your view.


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 51st birthday...It surprises me as I still think I'm in my late 20's, lol.
I had such a great day today.

My youngest daughter Kristy took the day off of work to spend it with me and my middle daughter Heather only worked 1/2 a day so was able to spend the day with me as well.

My day started out with Kristy's making me french toast for breakfast and added banana's and her handpicked blueberries from camp the other day :)
Then my friend Lynne came by for a quick visit and to give me my birthday gift of some crafty goodies :)

I spend the day with 2 of my daughters Heather and Kristy and we went to the Marina to check out the sites.
It was warm today so I walked along the edge of the splash refreshing and it was so nice to see the little ones playing in the water.

We walked along the shores of Lake Superior, so beautiful to see the sleeping giant resting out in the lake.

Enjoying the view.

The girls went to pick me out a cake.
I know Kristy is the baker in the family, but we have been so busy.
Now you may think this cake looks a bit odd...well it is.
When Kristy went to Safeway to pick up a cake, they told her that they don't make round cakes anymore.
Funny thing is they make 1/2 round cakes.
How they do this is they make a round cake, add the icing and decorate it....then cut it in 1/2.
And the inside (where they cut it) isn't iced, lol.
Seriously...I didn't make this up, lol
So Kristy bought 2, 1/2 cakes and Ashley put them together....which the top layer wanted to slide off of the bottom layer.
But it did tasted yummy :)

I had a wonderful day with the family as they all came over for Chinese food for dinner :)
I hope you all had as good a day as I did :)

Tracy πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—