Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Day in Photos….Cottage Edition

Look who is visiting us up at camp this weekend…Oscar :)

Oscar is Ashley and Tyler's new puppy…isn't he a cutie.
I think we wore him out with all of the walking we did today and his first time swimming.

I had to quickly make a card.

Ashley and Tyler wanted to give Blake a Thank you gift for helping with the wedding and for checking on Oscar in the afternoons when they were on their honeymoon.
Ashley asked me if I could make a card, and was surprised that I don't have card making supplies up at camp.
But I did find a 6x3 piece of card stock and I had my sticker binder with me…so I made it work, teehee.

Wayne and I ran to Ignace this morning.
He needed to get gas for the quads and propane for the BBQ.
Then the girls gave us a small grocery list.

I saw this van with all these bicycles on it at the motel.
I wonder where they were heading.

Wayne and I were going to have breakfast in Ignace at the restaurant, but it looked to be closed for renovations.
So I ran into the Robin's and picked us up each a breakfast sandwich and a juice.
Not the breakfast I was expecting…but it was good.

As Wayne was getting gas and propane, I ran across the highway to get a few pictures of this plane.
I stated on the info plaque that is was made from 3 different planes.

I like the grocery store in Ignace as they have a stationary section….who doesn't love a stationary section :)
I enjoy crafting in the evening in the living room, but don't like to turn on the big overhead light.
So I thought this little lamp was perfect for me when I journal or colour at night.
The only draw back is it has to be hooked up to my laptop…then I realized, I sit right beside my laptop when I do this, so I went back and picked it up.
It also has a tiny fan…which I will propably never use.

Oscar enjoyed chewing and fetching sticks…the bigger, the better, lol.

Tyler, Blake and Ashley made Nacho's for lunch…yumm.

Wayne and I went for a quad ride and I had to stop for this family of partridge having a dust bath.
They did not want to move….after waiting for quite a while, I slowly started to inch up on them.
They still didn't want to move…but when I finally got really really close, they flew into the tree beside me…Sorry little guys for disturbing you.

Oscar enjoyed many walks/runs, a few swims in the lake and lots of playing with sticks and balls.
We really tuckered him out.
He is actually sleeping by my feet right now :)

Oh yes and we picked up these yummy treats…we actually picked up 2 packages…one for the kids and one package for Wayne and I (oink oink)
I really need to get back to healthy eating again…Monday, yes on Monday ;)

Oscar even met a new friend today.
Sonja, one of our camp neighbours, brought over her little puppy, Lucinda.
Lucinda was actually more interested in chasing the chipmunks than playing with Oscar.
Oscar was very good with her.

Sauna time…I hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)
I tried to get a photo of the red moon tonight…but it looks yellow in my photos :(

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like a fun day. Oscar looks so cute.

  2. It sure looks like it was a full day of fun. Oscar is so cute. Yes Monday, it's the worst day to start dieting. lol.

  3. Oscar is absolutely adorable!! I just want to hug him!! Awesome pictures!! The nachos look yummy!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Sounds like a fantastic weekend, Tracy! :)

  5. I bet Oscar did enjoy camp, so much for him to see and do! He's getting big :) Your lamp is really cool! And those nachos look delicious!

  6. Looks like the most wonderful weekend! TFS


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