Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting Ready…Hair & Makeup

Look at these beautiful girls.
They are all so sweet.

I will introduce them from the left to the right :)
This first beautiful girl is my middle daughter Heather.
The lady next to Heather is Lia. Lia is Ashley's maid of honour and has known her since primary school.
Then is the Stunning Bride to Be, Ashley, the star of the day.
Next to Ashley is Lisa, they have known each other since collage and love to do photography together.
Then is my youngest beautiful daughter Kristy.
And last but definitely not least is Janus. Ashley and Janus became quick friends at work.
I can not say enough about these beautiful ladies, they helped make the wedding what it was.

It is all about the locks…and look at them!!!

Ashley has the most luscious thick hair that I have ever seen…sadly, she didn't inherit that from me.

 I just love how her hair looks and couldn't take enough photos of it.
Isn't this loose braid across her hair just so fun.

Now look at how long her hair is…and this is with curl!!

Ashley was pretty open to what she wanted done with the girl's hair…all she asked was for then all to have some type of braid.

Here is the back of Janus's hair.
She didn't realize until the day before, that she was to pick a style that she liked…I think she picked a really pretty hairstyle.

This is the one that Lia choose.
These are the only 2 with an updo, the rest of the girls, including myself and Karen (the groom's mom) all had our hair down.

We went to "Karma" to get our hair done.

These lovely ladies are the ones who worked their magic on us.
The salon was closed just for the wedding party…..how special was that!!!

Now time for makeup :)

Karma opened their salon, not only to us, but to the make up artist as well….It was so nice to get everything done in one place and not feel rushed.

Heather not only did her own hair, she also did Kristys.

Heather never..and I mean NEVER wears make up.
She was pretty nervous about getting hers done.
I just told her to tell the make up artist that you don't wear make up and to keep it light…..I think Heather was pretty happy with the results :)

Kristy doesn't have her braid done yet, but make up is complete.

Considering these girls are gorgeous on their own, the make up artist did great to enhance their beauty.
Look at my babies, so beautiful.

Maid of Honour's completed look.
So pretty!!!

Janus, Heather and Kristy.
Ohhh to be young again and have perfect skin.

 Lisa is flawless.

And Ashley's  completed look.
Such a gorgeous girl.
Yes I may be bias, teehee.

And here is the make up artist at work.
"Emily" did an amazing job with the make up.

No pictures of me as I was the one with the camera.
Lisa brought her big boy camera, so there are plenty of pictures, but I am sure she will be editing them soon…I don't know how to edit, so you get what you see, lol.

I hope you all had a very creative day today :)

Tracy :)


  1. Awww, they all look so beautiful, love the braids!

  2. What beautiful pictures!! They all look so pretty!! I adore Ashley's hair and braid!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. yes they all looked amazing especially the bride. I loved her hair style. so elegant and pretty for a wedding. just gorgeous!

  4. All of the girls look amazing, especially the bride. beautiful hair styles and makeup.

  5. Fabulous photo's the hair doos were stunning and fabulous make up. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see more ... :-)

  6. Everyone looked so beautiful! Especially the bride! I love all of the pictures your posting! Thanks for sharing all of them to us! Hugs, Leann

  7. I love the braid idea, and Ashley's was beautiful! All three of your girls looked gorgeous!


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