Friday, August 21, 2015

My Dress for the Wedding

Here is my "Mother of the Bride" dress.
Not as exciting as Ashley's dress though, teehee

When looking for a dress, I was worried about getting a dark colour, as the bridesmaids were all in soft pink, and I didn't want to pop out in the photos.
But then Ashley (and Tyler's mom) reassured me that a dark colour would be just fine.

I think it actually compliemented the colours in the wedding.
Now to get the photos from the photographer to see if that was the case.

Now I have a story on this dress.
As you know I was shopping and tried on a zillion dresses.
Check out these posts if you want to see the rejected dresses "Dress Shopping"and "More Dress Shopping"

 I wanted something simple, pretty and age appropriate that didn't make me look like too old or too young ;)
Try to describe that in one word, lol.
Karen (Tyler's mom) and went shopping at a few stores, over 2 days.
In the last store we went to, they only ordered in dresses, but did have 2 "buy off the rack" with a few  dresses.
I had seen this dress on the rack, I loved the colour and liked the style…but it was a few sizes too big.
But tried it on anyway.
Once Karen clamped the back of the dress, I thought it looked great.
Karen loved it on me!!!

As I changed back into my regular clothes I took a look at the price tag and almost screamed.
When I came out of the changing room, I told Karen that I was getting this dress…even if it wasn't THE dress.
She looked confused then asked the price of the dress.
Hope you are sitting down… was 95.5% off….it came to $10.00.
No I didn't put the decimal in the wrong space.
I called my SIL Darlene, to see if she would help me alter it as it was too big.
When she came over and saw that it was a designer dress, she was a bit leery of cutting into it…so I did the cutting, lol.

This photo is after we completed all of the alterations :)
Don't mind the witch hair and no make up…..this wasn't suppose to go on my blog, but this is the only photo I have of me in the full dress.

What is a pretty dress without some killer heels :)
So off to do some more shopping…..I forgot how fun clothes shopping can be…I usually just go craft shopping, lol.

But seriously how gorgeous are these shoes!!!!
I had to get those clear plugs to put on the spiked heels so they wouldn't sink in the ground for the wedding ceremony.
But after that I took the plugs off and danced all night.
Yes, I danced all night in these shoes….and believe me, my feet felt like I had for 3 days after, lol.

Now that you have seen all of my daughters and myself in our pretty dresses, I have to share with you my handsome husband.
Notice that his tie and hankie match my dress :)
I kept singing the Justin Timberlake song "Suit and Tie" to Wayne and telling him that he was bringing sexy back, lol.
He just shook his head and looked at me oddly…..but that isn't anything new ;)

I will give you a break from all of the wedding posts for a few days as we are off to the cottage.
Time for some quad riding and blueberry picking :)

I hope you all had a very creative day.

Tracy :)


  1. Oh Tracey you looked fantastic! That dress and color was so beautiful on you. Are you sure you are old enough to have a daughter her age? You look so young! :) She looked like a living doll in her fab wedding dress. And you hubby was all dressed up nicely too. That Justin Timberlake comment was funny too. LOL! Awesome wedding attire!

  2. You look so beautiful, Tracy!! What a gorgeous dress!! The color is fabulous!! And those shoes are stunning!! Your hubby looks very handsome, too!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Beautiful dress!! Love the color Enjoyed looking at all of your pictures you posted

  4. You looked amazing - that dress is gorgeous and wow what an amazing bargain!!! You are so talented to be able to alter it too. Must say that Wayne looked rather dashing in his suit too :-) Have a great weekend.

  5. Fabulous dress and it looks stunning on you, the colour is perfect and so are the shoes. Wayne looks great too.

  6. The picture of you and Ashley is so beautiful. You look stunning in your dress and you got it for such a bargain! Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses are the hardest things to find. Great job!

  7. What a bargain on your dress and you look beautiful in it. Wayne looks pretty dapper too!

  8. You look beautiful, Tracy, that's such a great color for you!

  9. You look BEAUTIFUL! I cannot believe that dress was $10! What an awesome find! It looks amazing after the alterations too, and those shoes! Perfect! I hopersonally they for some good pictures of you and Wayne!


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