Monday, August 17, 2015

Let the decorating begin…….

I know you all have been waiting very patiently for me to post some wedding photos, so here you go!!
Lets start with the day before the wedding with the decorating..shall we ;)

Ashley made all of the chalk board art.
Not only did she cut the wood and paint it with chalk board paint, but she also did all of the art work.
I love the "Mr & Mrs" sign at the head table :)
Those old milk jugs were actually red and in my yard for my yard decoration, until we needed them for a different project (besides this one). So they were painted white….I can paint them red again if I wish, don't you just love paint ;)

Next was the Cookie Bar table…which was a big hit.
The bridesmaids and the bride, made all of the cookies.
What you don't see is the cases of cookies hidden under the table.

The centrepiece for each table were made by me :)
I will get more into detail about all of the projects in later posts as this is going to be a long one as it is.

I love the decor.
The venue was at Chippewa park and the building was all wood planks and big wooden beams.
With the the touch of white and pink….I called it "Rustic Pretty".

Because the head table had to be situated by the windows, we had to come up with something to cover the windows for photography purposes (Ashley is all about photography) but still let in some light.
So the bridesmaids and Ashley dyed streamers so they gave an Ombre effect, and then twisted them for texture.

A last minute project.
Remember those chandeliers I worked on last week ( or was it the week before)?
Well here are the end results.
Told you they would look much better once they were fully decorated :)

The lights were a bit of work.
Not only trying to figure which lights to get, but also putting them up.
Mike and Tyler put them up with the help of 3 women telling them what to do, lol.
And yes, we measured to make sure they were all the same distance apart and that the loops were the same distance from the floor ;)
Ashley actually purchased all of the lights just before the wedding. To rent them was going to be close to the same price as purchasing them online!

The favours were packets with seeds in them.
Ashley had this beautiful wood bucket in her decor at home….great ways to save money on decor, use what you have :)

Here is the bridal party all smiles as the decorating is complete :)

Lastly some more chalk art :)

The day started at 8:00am at Ashley house to pack up our vehicles with drinks and decor and heading to the venue to decorate.
It took us about 7 hours to complete, but boy did it look magical.
Then we had to head back later on for the rehearsal :)

I hope you all had a very creative day.
I will be, as I am heading to Mink Mountain with my friend Debbie for our yearly crafting time.
Hopefully I will be able to stay awake for it all…..but I did bring plenty of pop to keep me going, teehee.

Tracy :)


  1. The decorations look lovely, Tracy, though no surprise there! Hope their wedding was just as lovely!

  2. Oh, it all looks so beautiful! Love the mix of rustic and sweet colors for the wedding. So clever of her to think of covering the windows like that. Not many people would have realized until all their photos came back too dark. We did seed packets as favors and planted our seeds after the wedding - 14 years and we still get zinnias from them every summer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, what stunning decorations!! It looks so magical and beautiful!! It's decorated to perfection!! Love the cookie bar!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Awesome! The chalkboard art was so fabulous! She is truly talented. You all did a great job with the deco and I am so glad your dd had a blast seeing her vision come to life. Thanks for letting us see some of the joy.

  5. Beautiful decorations proud Mama!!!

  6. Beautiful job! It all looks so magical!

  7. You all did an amazing job with the venue - it looked amazing! Enjoy your time to craft and relax after such a hectic few weeks/months ! :-)

  8. Beautifully decorated, the chalk art was fab. and seed packets a wonderful idea. It was perfect.

  9. Beautiful decorations! You all did a great job

  10. Lovely decorations, what a beautiful setting!

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