Friday, August 28, 2015

The Wedding Reception

Isn't this a beautiful photo :)

The photographer took it on a cell phone.
If she can get such a beautiful photo with a cell phone, I can't wait to see all of her photos.

Here they are the Bride and Groom.

I love that Tyler is carrying Ashley's bouquet :)

The MC's for the evening.
Tyler's siblings Jessie and Kaleigh.
They did an excellent job and had us all laughing :)

Then came the speech from the maid of honour Lia.
She did amazingly and didn't even cry :)
Lia had her speech prepared the day after Ashley asked her to be her maid of honour, teehee.
I had a smile when she mentioned coming over for Friday Night Scrapbooking and our 9:00 coffee/treat run, lol.

Dan, the best man, did a great job on his speech as well.
I learned a few things about Tyler with his speech, lol.

A few gorgeous photos of Ashley enjoying the speeches.

Another great shot!!!

Ashley and Tyler giving their Thank You speech.

Ashley unexpectedly gave me a special thank you for helping out so much and for making the decorations.
But when she called me "Mama Bear" I kind of lost it….see the tears, lol.

But look…..I'm not the only one tearing up.
My friend Debbie is on the far left of this photo and her daughter Kaitlyn is on the far right of this photo and they also are teary eyed.
As was my dad. He told me later that when he saw his baby girl (that would be me) crying, he teared up as well.

Their first dance as a married couple.
They didn't have the traditional bridal party dance…which the bridal party was very thankful for.

Then it was time to let my hair down.
I danced the rest of the night away.
Everyone had such a great time.

Ashley and Tyler are not big on dancing, but Ashley got dragged on the dance floor a few times…I love this photo of her and her sisters dancing together.

Thank you to my friend Lynne who actually got a photo of Wayne and I together :)

Me and my baby sister Julia.
So many say we look so much alike.

Then  it was time to cut the cake :)
I have to admit, I had some of this cake today, lol.
Yes it tasted just as good as it did 2 weeks ago.

Tyler's friend, Felice, made a photo booth.
It was a hit at the wedding!!!
Ashley picked up all kinds of props for it.
Another fun part of this, was that the guests got to take their photos home with them…plus Ashley and Tyler have access to all of the photos of their wedding guests.
How fun is that!!!

Wishing Ashley and Tyler all of the happiness and love for their future together.
Love you two :)

That is the last of the wedding posts from me….I think, teehee.
I keep re-living this day and the days up to this one.
It was such a special day and so much love.

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like a wonderful evening! Great photo of you and Wayne. Love those of Ashley watching the toasts.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! That first one is stunning!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Oh, Tracy, these are just beautiful! So glad their special day was so wonderful and wishing them all the best! :)

  4. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing with everyone, and please wish the happy couple all the best.

  5. I've enjoyed seeing all the beautiful wedding photos. It looks like you all shared in a very special day!

  6. It's been so much fun getting to see all the photos and reliving the wedding with you!

  7. The photos are beautiful Tracy! Looks like you all had a fabulous day!
    I've a little catching up to do...I have not had time to visit!

  8. Fabulous photos - not unexpected to see you teary eyed :-)


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