Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rose's Stressful Day and My Thankful Thursday

Today our cat Rose had to go to the vet to get some of her teeth pulled.
She was losing hair on her hind quarter and we didn't know why.
Well the vet said she was very healthy, but then checked her teeth and saw that she had an abscessed tooth:(
Rose is about 15 yrs old. We are not sure of her exact age as we adopted her from the humane society, 15 yrs ago.
 (photo taken by my talented daughter Ashley)

Here is Dr. Tallon. Rose loves her. She even lets the Doctor check in her mouth. She won't let us though.
Rose cried the whole drive there. Luckily it was only a 5 minute drive, as Rose was breaking Heather's and my heart with her crying.
 Well as it turned out poor Rose had to have 3 teeth extracted.
That tiny one is a bottom front tooth. I asked how we can prevent this. But it just happens, she told me.
Dr. Tallon also thinks that the reason Rose is losing her fur on her hind quarter is because she may have arthritis. And when she is in pain, she licks herself in the sore area.

We figured that she had some arthritis. As she used to jump on the counter (which is a no no) and then up onto the tops of the cupboards. No longer.
She used to race us up and down the stairs, she would almost trip us. No longer.
So yes we have to come to the conclusion that we all get old.
No matter how you look, no matter how young your mind feels, we all age....Boohoo.

Thankful Thursday:
Rose being fine after her tooth extractions.
Naps, yup took a short one today.....remember my talk on getting old :(
Being with my daughters during lunch today.
Visiting my Hubby at work and being able to bring him some lunch

What are you Thankful for today?



  1. I'm thankful for family, health, home, my dog and naps.:-) Sure hope Rose feels better now that those teeth are out. Give her some soft treats and some love from me.

  2. Glad your kitty is feeling better. I'm thankful for closing a deal on a rental, making a little money and a new friend. I'm thankful for a great life and a path to clarity, oh and that my MRI showed I did have a brain :-D

  3. Poo Rose! Hope that now that the teeth are gone that she feels better. Did the vet suggest glycocamene (sp)? When our young dog seemed to be having joint problems, it was suggested. I believe that it sort of "oils up" the joints a bit. Love the midnight look of Rose's picture.

  4. Nice that Rose got better after having her teeth out...
    A very beautiful pic of her!

  5. Wow, three teeth? Those looked really gross. Glad she got them out okay. And you are so right, Ashley IS talented. That picture is amazing! I hope Rose heals right up. Is there anything they can give her for the arthritis? Today I am thankful for getting to sleep in, having breakfast with my girls and hopefully getting some crafty shopping in this afternoon!

  6. Beautiful picture of Rose! Poor thing - hope she is doing better!!

    Thankful that my boys are in summer school doing something productive! HA! They study in the mornings and play tennis in the afternoon. Keep 'em healthy both in mind and body.

    Have a great weekend!! xo

  7. Glad Rose is doing better. I'm thankful it's Friday!

  8. Glad Rose is okay - so hard when our pets start to age. Glucosamine has been helpful for Zoe's arthritis.

  9. What a fabulous photo of your sweet kitty! Your daughter's photos never cease to amaze me.

    Poor baby, I always feel so bad for our pets when they're in pain, they can't tell us what's ailing them. Sounds like she's been doing great for at least 15 years! Must be all the love & care she's gotten during that time.

  10. Thankful that I finished all of my laundry after 9 hours, yuck! Poor kitty, glad she is all better as far as her teeth go :0) Hugs!!!!

  11. Oh, poor kitty. Glad she's feeling better now. Getting old stinks! That is a fab photo, btw. :)

  12. Poor kitty! Don't you just ache for them as they really don't know what they are getting into going to the vet. Glad she is getting better.

  13. Tracy,
    So happy to hear your kitty is doing better

  14. so glad Rose is okay now. I hope she continues in good health for many many years. We had a cat that was 21 yrs old. She loved us too much.
    Have a wonderful weekend. I will be MIA for a bit. the studio is calling for a overhaul. LOL


  15. Sorry Rose had a hard day-hopefully she is feeling better today.
    Got in late from Seattle last evening--that is a long trip across Washington state and half of Montana.
    Playing catch up today--mowed the grass, did the laundry, changed the bed and cleaned the bathrooms. Told Curtis he is in charge of dinner tonight.

  16. Awww...your kitty is adorable. Tell your daughter she is a very talented photographer. It is so difficult to capture black on black, and she did an amazing job.

  17. Sorry Rose. :-( :-( :-( And also - What Marlene said!!!!

  18. The profile picture of Rose is STUNNING. (Applause for your daughter!)

    I'm thankful that the sun came out while I was at Polo for Heart today. I was afraid rain was on the horizon.
    (And I'm thankful that my hubby let me nap while he made dinner! Tee hee!)

  19. O MY gosh I LOVE that PIC!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL.. I got a old old Kitty too she is 20 and she was doing the very same thing..I started putting utter cream on her hind leg and yesterday O MY gosh it LOOKS great..
    O I amost fell out my chair when I saw them teeth if U only knew what was going on here about teeth.. I M going to send this to my sister she FAINTS when she sees teeth.. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA


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