Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its a Copic Conspiracy

Its a Copic Conspiracy I tell you.
I have purchased all the Copics I can from Michael's. I feel that I have accomplished my goal.
So I printed up this blank Copic chart, then coloured in the sections with my Copics.
Now if you are like me (and lets hope your not) I have a bit of an obsessive personality.
Look at all those blank spaces. I want them all, to be filled in with all the pretty colours.....and even the not so pretty colours, teehee.

When Ashley and her boyfriend Tyler went out last night. Ashley (being the awesome daughter that she is) asked for the Michael's coupons so they could get me two more colours. Tyler asked me how many I had and if I needed them all. I told him NO I don't need them All.
But Ashley said, "Oh my Mom wants them all and will probably get them all." She knows and understands her mommy :)
Hard to believe that there are 92 markers on this chart, looks like a lot less to me ;)

This ones for you Marlene :)
I thought I would share a photo of our hot dog vendor. We have been going here for lunch the last few days.
Funny thing is, I haven't eaten a hot dog for over 3 or more years. I watched a show on how they were made and just couldn't bring myself to eating one. I sure have made up for it these last few days.

My camera worked today :)
I wonder how long it will last  :(

Well it is an early evening for me. I was up late last night chatting with a friend on face book chat....til 2:30 am.

Tomorrow our cat Rose, has to get her tooth pulled. Poor little thing. I don't want to just leave her there. She may think she is back at the Humane Society , abandoned. That is where we got her up 14 yrs ago. I wish we could stay with her until the surgery ;(   She is not going to be a happy camper tonight. She can't eat after midnight, and she always munches at night.

Hope you all had a great Wednesday and did a bit of creating. I didn't even clean my scrap/craft room yet, tsk, tsk.



  1. I am a collector and would not rest until all the spaces were colored in! That's why I have not purchased even one Copic, I know where it would lead...

  2. Oh girl, i am so the same way, just ask my hubby, no sense in having only a few markers, we need them all....i was easy on him this time around as i purchased promarkers and they only have 140 or so colors...we won't mention the tria markers they have 300 colors...yikes.. i better not get into that...but they do have the soft brush tip like copics, so i just might have to get the skin tones in bottom line it never ends.....TFS!

  3. That chart is kind of evil! Makes you want them all!

  4. 92!? Lol, it really does look empty still!;0D
    Poor kit-cat,hope it all goes well...

  5. Oh dear, I would have to have all the markers too. I was that way with those little five packs of American Crafts ribbon, had to have them all! That hot dog vendor is so cute! I hope your kitty is okay, I know you'll be worried about her until she's back home with you though.

  6. I went down the shore (okay in NJ that's how we say it to everyone else it's going to the beach) And I happen to eat my son's humongous hot dog that he didn't want. Boy did I pay for it later. I don't think I'll be having one again for a while

    I so feel your pain on the copics. I'm saving up to buy a little bundle of them again. First I'm going to see if I can make some storage for them and organize them and then pick which few colors I want next. Talk about obsessive lol. In the meantime I am obsessing over stamps. Yes I looked at my little measly stash and realized I need more and your image swap videos were no help!

  7. Tracy,
    I agree, what a conspiracy that chart is. I would definatly want to color in all those blank spaces. To funny about your hot dog phobia, but I totally undertand. I too seen how they are made but I still eat them.
    Hope everything goes well with your kitty

  8. This is EXACTLY why I haven't purchased so much as ONE Copic marker. That chart would make me need them all, too!!!

  9. I've heard of these so-called Copic obsessions, at least they're cheaper than a Cricut cartridge obsession & you can at least apply a coupon to the markers. No one allows coupons on cricut stuff.

    And the hot dog thing, don't let your Dr. know you've been indulging on those nasty things. I can only tolerate them if they're camouflaged by being a corn dog or burned beyond recognition over a fire. LOL!

  10. I have been very strong when it comes to copics. I have a few color sets, enough to do some basic stuff, but not enough to do real coloring. That's OK right now. I like that Michael's is carrying them now. Maybe with a coupon I can pick up a few more. I wish you luck filling up that chart! :)

  11. I feel the same way about the Copics. I *need* them all but I really love using them and find that I use them every time I craft so I feel like they are a good investment as long as I add o my collection slowly.

  12. 92 markers? Wow, I'm so jealous! LOL I only have around 24, I think? I'm slowly building my collection. :)

  13. Am I obsessive? Well, I think I CAN be, depending upon the issue.. or craft supplies! I'm feeling a little obsessive as I try to build up my glimmer spray and die cut collections!.. But a strict budget tends to keep it under control! I have not YET bought a single copic marker, but I do think they look like FUN! Maybe someday down the road! ~tina

  14. I have a few copics, but am not that adept at using them, and use them occasionally.

    You know, when I posted my pics of the NE hotdog rolls and hotdogs, you said you didn't eat them and now you are eating them 3 times in one week! Love a good hotdog!

  15. Mine is filled out, you might not want to look though, it IS a beautiful sight but DANGEROUS. Copics are a slippery slope my friend. I said the same thing "I don't need them all, just a decent collection", but... yeah, DH knew better. ((wink))

  16. U deserve them all too.:O)
    I can not belive this Hubbie left yesterday hollering what U want for dinner and I SAID I SAID A FOOT LONG HOT DOG.. I have never eat a Foot LONG In my LIFE.. HAHAHHAHA
    I GAVE U an award..:O)

  17. The conspiracy is that there is no copics in MY michaels!!! what gives???!!!

  18. WOW - you're up to 92 markers already?!! What have I created?!! LOL!!!!!

    Love that CT hot dog stand! How cool is that!!! Thanks for the piccy!!!

    Good luck with kitty. I'm sure she'll be fine!

  19. i agree with most of you saying the chart is Evil it screams out "buy them all you need them all". plus next you need to buy the stamps to color. It is a crazy cycle but i love them i hope your having fun coloring.give your cat a rub behind the ears for me i hope she feels better soon.

  20. Wow, you're well on your way! Glad your kitty is feeling better :)

  21. That's why I don't even have one. One day maybe though! I would be right there with you with the chart, I'm sure.

  22. Yes, as a collector I'd want them all. And as I'm also quite competitive I noticed that you have twice as many Copics as I have. Hmmmphf. I'll have to get some more now. LOL! ;D

  23. Wow Tracy, your copic colour chart is looking fab even with gaps, you hav some fabby colours.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x


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