Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canada Day Cookies and a Busy Day

Today was a Crazy, Crazy.Crazy, Crazy, Day.
I went to the bank twice today.
They were giving out yummy Canada Day cookies.
 And lemonade :)  But that's not why I was there twice ;)
Onto My Day:
I received a phone call from the hospital today to get my MUGA scan at noon. But the lady asked me to come at 11:45 to check in. I guess there must have been a cancellation.
I had such a busy day planned, but thought, the sooner I get it done the sooner I can start my medication. Plus she told me it would take about an hour.

So I worked this morning. Then went to my appointment.
As I sat there for 1/2 hour (yes I am a very patient person). I finally found a nurse and asked her how much longer as no one has even taken me for the injection
She checked and told me my appointment is at 1:00. I showed her the paper I wrote the time on.
Well the person that phoned me was on lunch and they couldn't find my paper work.
Any other day it would have been fine, as I brought a book to read. But today I had just to much to do.
So I left. She did offer to validate my parking though :)

Then I had to get an oil change. We are going to Winnipeg this weekend and I always get a jeep check up before we take a longer trip.
Went back home to pick up Kristy and we went to the bank (this was the second time, first time was to pick up coin tubes for her quarters). We also went to Michael's, she wanted to go,really she did.
They have changed the checkouts and have more $1.50 choices. It reminded me of JoAnns. Not that we have one, but I have been in one before.

When we came home there was a man walking up my front steps, he turned around and told us he needed to get some bolts, and proceeded to walk into my house. He looked kinda familiar to me.
The look on Kristy's face was priceless.
It turned out that he was the repair guy from the Brick, he came to fix my dad's chair. Heather let him in. LOL.

I just feel like a chicken with my head cut off today.
Now I am trying to get as much book work done before we head off to Winnipeg on Saturday.
Can you guess why we are going there?

Thankful Thursday:
That I had enough energy to do everything I needed to.
My girls sense of humour.
Pizza...even though I didn't eat it (as I don't care for it) but it fed my family
Adding machines

What are you Thankful for today ?



  1. I want a Canada cookie, Please. My Canadian flag is out flying at the front door for tomorrow. I guess I should make some maple leaf cookies, right? Don't think it will happen though.
    Have a safe trip to Winnipeg. Have many good memories from there--it was where I had my first nursing job, a few years ago. Loved living there too. Met the first love of my life there-but it didn't work out.
    Sorry to hear your MUGA scan didn't work out.

  2. Hi Tracy, have a safe and blessed trip. Way to go on making lemonade out of those lemons today, awesome. I am thankful for all of the awesome and amazing things that GOD has done it my life thus far and what he promises to do in the future, be safe and blessed my friend. ~Shen

  3. thankful that you haven't lost your mind! LOL and you are my friend. enough said be careful and going to see brittney spears right? LOL
    big hugs,pea

  4. I'm a big fan of cookies and I can be bribed very easily with them. So far, I haven't come across a good cookie recipie. Do you know of one??? The cookies in the picture look srumptious. Your bank seems very kind, can I join them too, they have COOKIIIIIIIIIIES!! Yum :D

  5. happy canada day! that cookie looks great!

  6. Wow you did have a busy day! HOpe you have fun on your trip.

  7. Happy Canada Day! Hmm why would you go to Winnipeg? Vacation?

  8. Happy Canada Day, it's today, Friday, right? Those cookies look delicious! Doctors can be such a pain in butt. I'm glad you got everything else done! I dont know what is in Winnepeg, but every time I hear it I think of Winnebago, so are you buying a new RV/camper? Hahahahaha!

  9. Mmmm, those cookies look delicious! I would've been quite annoyed at the doctor's appointment! You don't like pizza??? Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

  10. Sounds like a crazy busy day. Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Craziness for sure!! I'm so surprised you could remember the details to recount your hectic day! I'm not familiar with a MUGA shot, must be something regional. But, of course, I could just be out of the loop...happens frequently to me these days. LOL! Wow, I'd probably be returning to the bank twice just for the cookies-they look so tasty!! Hope you get to relax this weekend in Winnipeg...don't know why you are going unless it's to visit universities for one of your kids:)

  12. Ughughugh on the long wait! Happy Canada day! I am thankful that my classroom is DONE and I can now enjoy the holidays! (wish it was WARMER)!

  13. Those cookies look delish - and wait a minute - you had lemonade and didn't alert me!?!!


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