Saturday, June 25, 2011

I received this Blog Award from two wonderful Bloggers.
Both of these women blow me away with their Cricut talent.
So Thank You both for this Yummy award :)
Now in order to receive this award I have to do a few things.....there is always a catch, lol.

1) Send a thank you to the person who nominated you and include their link.  -check-

2) To accept this award, answer 7 random facts about yourself. -hard part- check
3) Pass the award on to at least 8 other awesome blog buddies. -really hard part- check

7 Random Facts.
1. You may catch me at a stop light dusting my interior of my jeep. Yup. I keep dusting cloths in my glove compartment, and sometimes when I am at a longer light or just waiting, I will give my jeep a quick dusting.

2. I don't brush my teeth in the bathroom. I will walk around the house, check out what is happening outside. Then go back in the bathroom to spit.

3. I have a problem with double light switches. We have one in the hall. Both switches have to be down when the lights are off. I will even check this before bed. My family thinks this is funny and will mess them up just to mess with my head.

4. Cupboard doors need to be shut at all times! Unless you are getting something from them. Then it should be shut as soon as you take out what you need. Yes my family messes with me on this as well. I have walked into the kitchen to have every cupboard door open. BRATS.
But all doors should be open in the house, except the outside door.

5. Now before you go thinking I am all OCD, I am not. I just have some quirks. Lets change topics, lol.
I have come to the realization that I don't want any more babies. I have been around babies and young children my whole life. I LOVE them. But besides I can't have anymore because of my health issues. I am at a point where I can say I am done. I can still admire them from afar.But not from me :)

6. I still can't understand mean, hurtful people. You know the kind that just out of the blue say something that gets you thinking "that wasn't called for", or "why the hell would they say that". I have a few of those types of people in my life and I dont' understand it.

7. My favourite colour is Red/Burgundy. My mom's favourite colour was red. Now I didn't want to be the same as her, so I switched mine to Blue.
But over the years, and as I have matured I have embraced my love of the colour Red.
Mind you it has to be the right shade of red. None of that orangey red, lol.

There you have it my 7 random facts of me....actually that wasn't that hard.

Now to pass this award onto 8 other blogs.
Here they are.
Pea at 
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Really there are at least 25 other blogger's that I would love to pass this onto. But rules are rules.
So to break them. I will follow Marlene and give it out to whoever comments on my blog today :)

I am going to try and post date this blog entry as I am at camp right now. Hopefully enjoying a book and sitting in the sun. Or kayaking around the lake. Or colouring some images. Or sitting around the camp fire having some smores. Or taking a walk down the pipeline.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)



  1. Congratulations on your award! Thanks for passing it on to me also :0) Sounds like a nice quiet place for family time, I'm jealous! I was outside most of the weekend so far and now I have a sunburn :0( This is why I do not like the outdoors :0) Oh well, the rest of the time I will tan now so that's okay. A little stinging never now and then won't kill me. I hope you are having a fantastic time! Hugs!

  2. Interesting facts! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hope you are enjoying your weekend at camp. I am trying to be good with the no heavy lifting . Letting others mow the grass this weekend.
    Hope thereafter is being nice for you too. Did the girls
    go with you?

  4. That should read - hope the weather is being nice.
    I pad keyboard makes typing interesting

  5. Congrats Tracy, you deserve so many more. Hugs, ~Shen

  6. congrats on your award--you deserve it! i always look forward to waking up and your is the first blog i check in the morning! love it!

  7. Oh, bless your heart, Tracy!! This is my first blog award! :0) looks like I have some new blogs to check out and I need to to get a couple of blog posts done as well. Sounds like you have some relaxing choices to make! ;0)

  8. Congrats on your award! Now I want some strawberries :) I kept thinking that you might be OCD, but I'm glad you cleared that up on #5! LOL! Thanks for passing this award along to me! I'm off to post about it right now!

  9. Awww, thanks for thinking of me. Someone else gave me this award a couple of weeks ago, and I still haven't blogged it. BAD Marlooney. BAD. are so OCD. LOL!

  10. I wish I had a cottage to go to and relax, with nothing around. Oh wait, I already live in the woods surrounded by nothing but nature LOL. I'll take a little shack at the beach. Glad you had a good time at your cottage. Congratulations on your blog award!


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