Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I thought I would share a bit of colouring I did at camp.
I just love this punky image :)
A princess with attitude, teehee.
As I was colouring her, I knew I wanted her to be in pink and black.
As I was colouring the bottom layer of her dress, I was thinking doesn't that look like cows teats. LOL. Maybe I should have used a different colour ;)
This image didn't have to much to colour, besides the butterflies and the pocket watches. So when I came home I used distress ink to colour the whole background.
 Today being Father's Day, our girls made their daddy a dirt cake for the occasion.
They wanted to get him an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen with an image of a bulldozer or loader on it. But they were to late, as they should have ordered it earlier in the week.
They also bought him 3 DVDs, and some jujubes.
They also made us supper...I think this was more of a treat for me then for Wayne :)
 Poor Kristy has a bladder infection.
So we drove all over town looking for a walk in clinic. Only to find out the last one we went to was the only one open on Sunday's. There were only 4 people in the waiting room. So I said to Kristy, well we won't have long to wait.
Then the receptionist told me there are 20 ahead of us, we could go home and phone her in an hour to see if it was time to come back.

So as we were driving back home, we saw this....
Hmmm I wonder who stole the sign from the corner of James St. LOL.
Thought of Jill when I saw this one ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful, creative weekend.



  1. LOL! I still think the princess is cute! Great job coloring! Sure hope Kristy is feeling much better soon. Those bladder infections are a bugger! :-(

  2. Very cute coloring! Nice sign there pal :0) that is too funny! Hugs!!!!

  3. Lol about the cow years thing! Funny thing is that until that moment, I so could see my Girl Friday as that image!!! Hope that Kristy is ok. Happy fathers day! Enjoy the dirt cake!

  4. Ooops! Using DH 's smart phone (as laptop died) ...cow teat thing! sorry!

  5. I didn't notice the teat till you said it. nice coloring. the cake was very realistic, scary how good that was. hope he had a good time with it. hope your daughter feels better too.

  6. great coloring once again! the image is just to cute!

    hope kristy is feeling better!

  7. Oh! I have a picture like that!!! Thanks for thinking of me! :-) :-) :-)

    Very neat coloring and I hope she's feeling better!

  8. Love the butterfly image. Really beautiful. Your coloring and distressing really set it off.

  9. Love the punky princess image!

  10. Great card! I love Tiddly Inks and your colouring is flawless!

    Mmmm dirt cake. I must confess I have never tried it. It looks too real! YUCK! Now the kitty litter one is even worse.

    Hope your daughter feels better. And at least it wasn't a STOP sign:)

  11. Oh I love that image, teat pink and all! ;) The distress ink on the second one looks perfect! Mmm, I haven't had dirt cake in years! We made brownie Sundaes :)

  12. I love the dirt cake! Oooo that truck's owner's in trouble!!

  13. Rotfl, I never noticed it looking like cow teats until you pointed it out! Gotta love dirt pail dessert!

  14. I love the little girl copic job you did. I am currently trying to decide which copic colors to buy and am grateful for the inspiration!

  15. I love the little punk princess! Too cute! :-)

  16. Isn't Princess Teat the cutest thang? I didn't think of that until you said something, but I could totally see it then. LOL! She's a cutey! I love the vintage image!!

  17. Your coloring is AMAZING, girl! I'm so proud of you and how far you've come in such a short, short time!

    Laughing at the pick up with the sign in the

    Hope your daughter is feeling better today!

  18. Happy Monday, Tracy.
    Hope Kristy is feeling better-bladder infections are so annoying.
    Nice colouring-the princess with the attitude is so Harlee.
    We love dirt cups at our house-Kirsten loves to make them for the kids.
    Worked all day and back for more tomorrow.


  19. Tracy, you rocked it yet again...fabulous coloring, just sheer awesomeness. TFS! ~Shen


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