Friday, June 24, 2011

My Treasures

Here are two of my most special and favourite pictures I have hanging on my walls.
They are both of my 3 treasures in my life. We got this photo blown up to 18x24. It is gorgeous.
Ashley took this photo and they gave it to me for Mother's Day .
 This drawing was when we went to Duluth one year. A man was drawing pictures in the mall. I wanted one of the girls. At the time Ashley was the only one game for this. But I guilted them all into participating.
I was so impressed how he captured their true beauty in the drawing. They are my angels :)
Onto My Day:
Picked Kristy and her boyfriend Blake up from their exam. Then took them out for a quick lunch. I had some errands to do. Picked up the enlarged photo from the photo place. My those suckers are pricey. The 18x24 print cost over $40.00. I was surprised.
Then drove Blake home.
I was working on a project today, but ran out of time and didn't get it complete. Mind you, I didn't think I would have, but I can dream can't I ;)

We are off to our camp/cottage after supper. They are calling for a beautiful weekend. Lets hope so, I would like to take the kayak out on the lake.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Great photos! They can get pretty pricey when you get larger.

  2. Beautiful photos - sounds like you have a great weekend planned :)

  3. Have a fun relaxing weekend at camp. Hope the weather co-operates too.
    Love your photos of the girls.
    By the way it says I have an angio-seal device consisting of a small anchor, collagen and a suture. It says all 3 components dissolve and are absorbed into the body in about 90 days. I didn't have a choice about what I got.

  4. oh i just love those 2 pictures! i can see why u love them so!

    have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Tracy, those pictures are priceless! $40 is a fair price to pay to see your beauties at a glance, even when they're not there.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Both pictures are absolutely beautiful! Definitely treasures! Hugs!!!!

  7. Both pictures are absolutely stunning! Have a great weekend (with sun hopefully!) at camp!

  8. Hi Tracy, beautiful...outstanding photography and just beautiful subjects. You ladies look absolutely beautiful. ~Shen

  9. These are beautiful keepsakes of your daughters! Glad to hear someone will have good weather; it is pouring here, and ds was going to have a birthday campout. Now it is inside!

  10. That picture looks great blown up!!!! I love the drawing too! Have a great weekend!

  11. Beautiful photo!
    And the drawing is beautiful too :)

    I can barely make my boys (7 and 1) to sit still long enough to get any pics :D

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Love the photo of your girls!

  13. Really beautiful photos of your daughters!

  14. Tracy,
    WOW, what beautiful pictures, I love them
    Thanks for sharing

  15. Those are both GORGEOUS. Of course, you have gorgeous girls, so that's to be expected. :)

    Have I kissed your butt sufficiently enough yet?

    HA HA HA...kidding, I really DO think your girls are beautiful.


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