Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Ladies.
I slept in today, ahhhh. When I woke up Hubby was gone, the girls were still in bed and Heather was eating breakfast. I thought I was going to get a "Happy Mother's Day" from her, but she forgot, until Hubby came home and wished me one...she felt so bad.
When all the girls woke up they made me go in the living room for my gift.
This was my gift :)
Last weekend the girls went out to take photo's and they took this photo of themselves for me. How sweet. I had a few tears. What a sweet and thoughtful gift.  Ashley has a big boy(girl) camera and she took it at a high resolution so we can blow it up as big as I want :)
 They also bought me this nail polish. It is the pricey stuff and they know I wouldn't pay that price for this stuff. When we went to the mall last week and Ashley was looking for the silver crackle nail polish. I loved this colour.
That is what I love about my daughters they are so caring and thoughtful.
 I spent my day working on an album.
I was really having trouble with it. I wasn't exactly sure what size or what type of mini I wanted to make.
Plus I was wanting to use a certain paper collection, then second guessed myself.

I finally figured out which one I am going to do. So when I picked out the papers and constructed the base of the mini. I decided to make a card, teehee.
I coloured this cute little girl with my copics.
I used the easel card base that I was planning on using for Friday's card.
I checked on the net for some card sketches. I found this one. Was thinking of entering it in the challenge, but it ended an hour ago, lol.
 See easel  card :) Its a 5x5 easel card.
 The money shot, lol.
Ya I pretend that I am a photographer, teehee.
That's about all for my day.
The girls ran out and bought take out for supper, yeah I didn't have to cook....not that I would have ;)

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day :)



  1. What a beautiful picture of your girls! I have not tried an easel card yet, this is great!

  2. What a lovely gift your girls created for you! Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  3. Lovely card! That nail polish is a pretty color! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. You have a beautiful family! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. what a lovely gift! I adore it, they are all so pretty. Very thoughtful gifts for sure. That shows they pay attention! Good for them.
    Pretty card, so sorry the contest ended. maybe next time. I picked up 10 more copics:D. I can't help myself they are right there! LOL My Mothers day.
    Have a happy Mothers day

  6. what pretty and wonderful daughters you have! the picture is so pretty! i am sure you had a wonderful mother's day!

    great card! i lvoe that stamp

  7. Tracy,
    Wow, what a great picture of your girls, I love it.
    Cute card too

  8. Your card is FABULOUS and I LOVE that photo of your girls! They all look great and that is SUCH a treasure for you!!! The perfect gift!

  9. How sweet and thoughtful your girls are :0) I don't like paying for the pricey nail polish either :0) Sounds like a great day! Love the card, beautiful as always! I have mine that you sent on a permanent display for everyone to see. Got a lot of "Wow! Who made that one"? So cool, I love it! Even better when I say "My friend Tracy in Canada" :0) Hugs!!!! That is a beautiful photo of the girls!

  10. What a great gift from your girls! Love OPI nailpolish!

  11. What a great photo of your daughters!! Fabulous polish - OPI is the best stuff!

    And, how stinkin darling is that card?! Such pretty colors & design.

    DH & I had to literally PRY Happy Mother's Day out of my DD. When she finally did, after taking her bath, she gave me a giant hug & crocodile tears in here eyes. I guess she gets too emotional to say meaningful things when she really means it. I was that way as a child too.

  12. What a beautiful picture! They are the sweetest daughters :) Love your card, those easel cards are so cool! I'm glad you didn't have to cook! Sounds like the perfect day!

  13. That pictures is about the nicest thing the girls could have gotten you for Mother's Day! How thoughtful of them!!
    Love your card too.

  14. Love the card. What a pretty picture of the girls! I am determined to make a mini album soon, just not sure what to make.

  15. What a gorgeous shot of your girls...and that is one of the best gifts, ever!

  16. Amazing daughters! Gorgeous nail polish color. I think I'm addicted to nail polish. I have all sorts of weird colors. :)

  17. Happy Belated Mother's Day! I can't believe you got of all three of them. Doesn't one of your daughters, Kristy I think, not like having her picture taken? Well it turned out beautiful. I just wanted the day off to do nothing or whatever it was I wanted to do so I dragged the family out to Joann's and Michaels LOL. And I got to do a little crafty stuff, yay me!

  18. What a great gift from the girls! Your daughters are beautiful - does hubby keep a shot gun by the door? Are they allowed to date yet? My SIL told us that his 3 daughters will not be allowed to date until they turn 30! LOL

  19. Lovely photo of your girls. They are all so pretty, and all so different. It was a great mother's day gift for you.
    Love your card too.
    I was back at the funny farm at work today-it is such a zoo.

  20. Three beautiful girls, who don't look related. Yep, I said it lol. Of course I'm sure they are related, and that their father doesn't sign his cards to them with "Love Dad" followed by "?" like mine did :).

  21. Hi Tracy,
    Love the colour of your new nail polish, hope you had a lovely Mother's Day. Beautiful photo of your girls.

    Great easel and yout Tilda is so cute.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x


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