Monday, June 20, 2011

Sympathy card and a video.

I had to make another Sympathy card today.
Another one of my friend's mom passed away.
I wanted to make this a simple card. So I didn't add a lot of embellishments to this, just a sheer ribbon.
 I coloured the image with my Copic markers. See I am using them ;)
Now I won't feel guilty when I purchase more.
 I coloured this image at camp and thought the background was to plain. So I thought I would add some colour around the image. What a mistake!
I used B00 and it was to bright, but it was also to late.
So I went over it with my Blender pen, then with C3, then again with the Blender pen.
Then kept adding layers around it until the whole image was coloured in.
I was able to save it, Yeah.
I wasn't going to post a video of the Envelopes I received until I got them all.
So every time I receive some I made a video. Then I was going to post them all together.
Well now because of the Canadian Postal Strike, it may take weeks for me to receive the rest of them.
So I figured I would share the ones I have received so far.
Today was a pretty uneventful day for me.
I pretty much stayed at home all day.
Worked a bit on a couple of projects.
I have a real fun project the I am so excited to start. But I have a few that I HAVE to get done before this one.

Hope you all had a creative Monday.



  1. The way you colored that flower is beautiful. I love hydrangeas. So sorry to hear about your friend's mom passing.

  2. I love the hydrangea! Your coloring turned out great!

  3. Oh wow!! The tags are all gorgeous!

  4. Oh, your designs are so beautiful.

  5. Love your card! I think you pulled off something really hard.

  6. i so love this hydrangea stamp--i have it and i havent used it in a while. i should get it out--

  7. That looks so pretty! You did a great job!

  8. Oh you "saved" it beautifully! (I doubt it needed saving :-) So pretty! And I'm sorry about your mom's friend. :-(

  9. Love the hydrangea card - very pretty!

  10. Love the sympathy card. The coloring is amazing. Fun video!

  11. Beautiful card Tracy - I sure hope you don't have to make any more Sympathy cards though. Great lesson about coloring in the background. Glad you were able to save it! :)

  12. Love the card... So pretty and love your colors. Thanks for sharing.

  13. hello!
    you okay?
    love your card!
    a beautiful day for you!

  14. You really did save your design, didn't you? It's fabulous! More coloring than I would want to do, but it looks so professional!

    Everyone's tags are awesome! I'm glad I don't have to pick just one of those that did different designs. That WOULD be so hard! How sweet that so many of them send you some goodies too, but it stink that there's a postal strike there to jam things up. We're having a Heavy equipment operators strike here. Lots of major roadway projects have come to a halt.

  15. Beautiful card! I'm sorry for the reason you had to create it though. :-(

  16. Beautiful colouring Tracy and the background turned out great.
    Sorry for the reason behind the card.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  17. your card is gorgeous, dahling......and you shouldn't feel guilty about adding to that stash of's obvious you're using them well!

  18. That card turned out beautiful! You should be so proud of yourself for using all of those Copics! I loved seeing all of those envolope/tags. They are amazing! Everyone put so much time into them. Bummer about the strike happening right now though.

  19. Love your hydrangea. Colouring awesome!!!!
    Pretty tags from envelopes too.


  20. Tracy, you make the most adorable and awesome card them all, always. TFS! ~Shen

  21. What an awesome mistake you made, it turned out great! I love the tags! I can't wait to get mine. I hope the strike ends soon!


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