Monday, July 6, 2015

Dress Shopping and some Popcorn

My plan this week was to go into detail on all of the Bridal Shower projects I did.
But that didn't happen as I am finally getting around to shopping for my dress for Ashley's wedding.

But I did have time to take Kristy out to buy this popcorn maker she has had her eye on.
It sure didn't take long to cook the pop corn.

I am not one for popcorn as the kernel husks always get caught in the back of my throat.
I do love the smell of pop corn though.

Most of my day was spent shopping for the dress…I don't think I have found the perfect one though…..but thought I would share one that is in the top pick.

I do love the lace overlay on this one.
The dress fit nicely, but the bust was a bit too tight, plus I didn't want blue…mind you every dress I tried on seemed to be in blue, lol.
I am also not sure about the top sheer piece.

I really should have edited my face out of the photos, lol.
This one was a nice fit, but I didn't like the very thin straps…I need a bra, and the kind I wear……these straps won't cut it, lol.

I was really nervous about dress shopping, but Ashley's fiancé's mom, Karen, wanted to come along…and it was so much more fun and relaxing :)
So tomorrow is another dress shopping day…..wish me luck.

Tracy :)


  1. You look lovely in that shade of blue. They both look great on you but I could see the think straps on the second wouldn't be good unless you have a strapless bra. Good luck tomorrow and looking forward to updates.

  2. wau, tracylein, du schaust wundervoll aus, das blaue kleid steht dir einmalig gut....
    liebe grüsse

    1. Here is Ruth's comment translated :wau , tracylein , You look wonderful, the blue dress suits you uniquely well ....
      Kind regards
      ruth..chen ;-) )

  3. The second dress is really pretty and the color looks good on you, Tracy! I'm sure you'll find the perfect dress, have fun shopping! :)

  4. Love the second one on you and you could always wear a strapless bra with it. I am sure you will know when you find the one ! Have a great time.

  5. I think both look beautiful on you! Hope you share more from today's trip :)

  6. You look so beautiful in both dresses!! I really love the second one!! The blues are gorgeous!! And yum - that popcorn looks so delish!! My favorite fact, I'm going to have to go pop a bag in the microwave now after seeing this!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Beautiful dresses, Tracey. That blue is so rich. Almost the colour Kirsten's bridesmaids wore! I hope you can find a dress you truly love.

  8. You look great - fab dress. It reminds me of a favorite party dress I once had - white bodice and black shirt - each covered in overlaid lace in those colors. Good luck on finding the perfect dress.


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