Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More Dress Shopping and an Ice Cream

Today I went dress shopping with Karen again.
So lets go Dress Shopping shall we ;)

I tried on this long dress..I love the colour, but it just seemed like too much fabric. 

I thought this one was really pretty.
I love the lace over the pale pink…but the under colour was close to Ashley's bridesmaids, so decided against it.

I like this one as well….if you notice all of the dresses would need to be hemmed as well as altered in the waste…..I had so many clamps on all of these dresses…I don't think I use that many when I am doing my wood working, teehee.

Nahhh, do not like this one at all…but I was game to try anything on ;)

This one was Tyler's moms favourite.
Karen is the one pulling and clamping the dress behind me ;)
It was a gorgeous dress….but I think I would need to be over 6 ft tall and very very thin, lol.

Karen hates her photo taken…good thing she doesn't know I have a blog, teehee.
Here she wanted to know what the dress looked like if it was shortened.
I felt like it was just too much dress for me and I looked like I got into my moms clothes and played dress up, lol.

Didn't like this one either….the ruffle, looks like it makes my hips look too wide.
One thing I loved about dress shopping with Karen, besides she is so fun to be around, is she keeps telling me what a beautiful tiny figure I have and we should show it off, lol.

Karen and I went for lunch before we parted ways, and then later on Heather and I went for an ice-cream.
I had New York style cheese cake ice cream…oh my goodness it was delicious.
I only had a kiddie sized ice-cream….I got to keep my tiny figure, teehee.

I did purchase a dress today though.
I will share it that after the wedding…..because, believe me, there is a great story to it :)

I hope you enjoyed shopping with me today :)

Tracy :)


  1. Lovely photos:)

    Have a nice day.


  2. Glad you found a dress and didn't procrastinate too much. Can hardly wait to see it!

  3. So glad you found a dress - can't wait to see it along with all the other fab photos you are going to share with us !

  4. Yay, glad you found your dress, Tracy!


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