Saturday, September 3, 2016

My Evening Walk

One thing I love to do up at our cottage is walking the trails.
This here is the pipeline.

When I go for my evening walks I try and stick semi-close to the cottage.
And this is why.....bears.
I know bears are around all day and night, but I don't wander to far in the evening.
Not only bears, but I had also seen some wolf tracks.
I find it funny that I am posting with this bear track as Wayne and I are watching The Revenant and it is at the "Bear" scene!!

I usually take the same few routes on my walks.
Last week I saw this cute mushroom on one of my trails and thought it looked just perfect.
Then walking by it this weekend it looks a little different doesn't it.
I thought it was pretty neat to see such a difference in it in a weeks time.

Isn't this a beautiful view.
This also on the pipeline, but heading in the other direction.
Then this is what I saw a really big helicopter.
I think it was the one the pipeline uses to check the line.
But they didn't go all the way down it, once they saw me, they turned around and went back the way they came...I didn't think I looked that bad today ;)
Heading down the trail to do my last loop towards the highway.
Don't you just love nature.

Went across the TransCanada highway to take a picture of the beautiful sunset.

Then walking into our driveway, I love seeing my repurposed wheel barrel full of impatients :)

Here is my walk on Map My Walk.
Doesn't look it look like a T-bone steak, lol.
I hope you enjoyed walking with me at our cottage :)

Tracy :)


  1. What a beautiful place to walk and lovely pictures too to document your walks. Maybe the man checking the pipeline saw your tall shadow and got scared off. lol. TFS your walk.

  2. Lovely photos from your walk. Oh my bears!! Some of my walks, can be on the old rail lines that have been remade into trails; rumour has it a small black bear was seen, so we have the lands & forest patrolling by air & on foot.

  3. Nice pictures from your walk! I agree nature is beautiful. My son and I just took a trip to New Hampshire and we did lots of hiking, I couldn't believe how pretty the woods/mountains could be.

  4. Stunning photos! Thanks for sharing!


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