Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Limited Edition Canadian Tire money

You know from my last post that we (Canada) celebrated our 150th!!
Being that I am from Canada, one of our favourite stores is Canadian Tire.
My husband thinks a trip to Canadian Tire together qualifies as a date night, lol.
Canadian Tire has its own money!!
With every cash purchase you earn Canadian Tire money to use on your next purchase....yes we have a stack of CT bills.

I remember as a child my dad (who came from Scotland) would tease us by telling us that the man on the CT bills (Sandy McTire) was our grandfather, teehee.
In celebration of Canada's 150th, Canadian Tire put out a limited edition .10c bill, but only for 3 days.
Sadly I was at the cottage, so missed out on getting any.....but when I mentioned this on Canadian Tire's FB page, they sent me some!!!!!
I was over the moon excited!!

Not only did they send me 3 bills, they also sent me 2 Limited Edition money sleeves!!
Look at the beautiful gold foiling on the maple leaves...so pretty.
This is just so awesome!!

Some of you may think I am silly being so excited about a .10c bill... I have always saved old money and coins.
I even saved some older bills and coins for my daughters growing up.
Now I will be doing the same for my grandson Sawyer.
And to start his collection, I gave one to my grandson Sawyer in a money sleeve :)

Thank you so much Canadian Tire :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh I know Canadian dollars very well. Lucky you. The special 150 bucks are quite cool & no I didn't get any, wasn't aware of such a collectors item :( Gary is my favourite Canadian representative, he makes me laugh.

  2. I think most men think going together is a date as mine does too. Those bills are awesome, I didn't know they were out either but just shows how nice of a company they are. p.s. I would have been excited too. I still have $$from Towers Gas bar. and a couple of Deifenbucks.

  3. That is so awesome and not silly at all. Some of these companies are so kind and I know this made your day. I never heard of this store or bills so it was nice of you to educate us U.S. girls. So neat!

  4. That's awesome! I don't think it's silly either... we ALL collect things and nothing wrong with sharing what you have! Glad to be back from vacation.. looking forward to stopping by again! Have a great day!

    Theresa's Crafty Creations

  5. First of all, those bills are beautiful! I would definitely save them too. But what I don't understand is how often do you need to buy tires that makes a trip to this stores so much fun? Visiting a tire store here is just expensive!

  6. How sweet of them! I completely understand--I also get excited when I come across old things.

  7. that is actually pretty cool!
    Not silly at all :)

  8. that s super cool - what great service!

  9. I'm glad CT pulled through for ya. I was actually commissioned through an agency to design these bills and I'm glad they brought some fun and excitement to many Canadians. On the day of their release, I remember seeing people awkwardly holding bags and boxes coming out of the stores and still making sure they held their 10 cent bill with care when usually you'd crumple up the CT money and put it in your pocket. Thanks again for posting!


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