Saturday, January 20, 2018

Who doesn't love organizing?!!

I think I need a change.
When I made this desk and organized it, I loved it.
But now I am realizing that I don't have enough room on my desk to spread out (which I usually do when I create...believe me).
What I have been doing is bringing my projects in the rec-room and working on my pool/craft table.
But then end up going from the rec-room to my craft room to get supplies and not always putting them away.
I want to mostly work in my craft room, unless I have my friends over, then we always craft on the big pool/craft table.
This photo is an older one, from when I had just put my desk together and when it was actually clean 😯

In order to make more room on my desk...everything had to come off.
Then to figure out what I want to put on my desk, if anything.
I decided to keep my Copics on my desk. I don't seem to colour as much anymore and I miss it. I figured if I had them front and center on my table, maybe I would colour more.
I also added my tool carousel, or spiny thing as I call it, as it houses so many tools.
Look how much more room I have now!!

I then decided to should go through my spiny thing and clean it out and pair down my tools.
Like seriously, how many pens does one person need!!
Ok, ok, we need a lot of pens, but I don't need them all to be in my spiny thing.

After cleaning off my desk again, I added my paper trimmer as I use that a lot as well as my scrap tin and a candle as I knew cleaning out this room is going to take a long time, so I might as well enjoy a relaxing scent while I'm at it.

I then decided to tackle my stamping area.
I don't actually stamp here, but I store all of my inks, embossing powders and stamping supplies here.
I still need to organize my tag tray you see is a mess.

Last job for the evening was my inks.
I hadn't labeled all of my inks, so figured I might as well complete the task and finish labeling them all.

Oh right, I also organized all of my letters for my Letter Boards into a container.
I am really happy with my progress so far on my room....but I have so much more to do.

I am going through my whole room and decluttering what I don't need, which is difficult for me as I bought most of what is in there for a purpose (at one time).
I do find it easier to gift my friends my a matter of fact, I just gifted one of my friends 2 full muti-coloured ink pads and I am happy that she wanted them :)

I will share me progress as I go along.
I was going to do a messy room video....but I think I have more of those than of organized room videos, teehee.

Hope you all have a very Creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Well done you. I cannot create in a messy space, which it is after I have created. Very envious of your massive space.

  2. Look great!! I really need to do this in my craft room. Just need to have time!

  3. This looks amazing, and inspiring. The desk looks workable now, My cutter needs a bigger space though. I would love to do this I need time.

  4. It looks great so far ! - wow there is nothing around your desk in the first picture, looked so strange!!
    I would still like to get in there and play and sort through all your treasures!

  5. Looks great so far! I just did this a couple of weeks ago.. I ended up boxing up some of my stuff, just so I didn't have to look at it! Hahaha - I didn't want to get rid of it, cuz I knew I would need them at some point, but I didn't need it all over my craft space - I also gifted a HUGE bag full of crafting stuff I didn't want anymore... my craft friends had a ball going through it and picking what they wanted - then I sold some of the items I knew I wasn't going to use anymore - and I'll probably purge more in the next couple of months - I'm at the point now, where I'm only going keep the stuff I actually use ALL the time - otherwise I'm not keeping it - Good luck with cleaning your space... it's always an ongoing battle! LOL

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  6. My scrapbook room is actually in really good shape. All that means is that I am not getting to scrapbook as much as I'd like! Your room is really coming along!

  7. That desk does look more inviting with nearly double the open space - yay you! I just did another spiff up of my space, and purged lots of stuff. Basically if I knew that I had looked at something a zillion times and still didn't feel like using it, it was time for it to go. Luckily my LSS is having a rummage sale this a.m. so I can convert some "trash" to cash!


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