Friday, March 19, 2010

Relaxed most of the day

Today was a relaxing day.
I did manage to sleep in, only till about 9:30am but that was good.
I woke up to SNOW. It didn't stay on the ground but it was still snowing. I am sure we will get one more dump of snow before the end of the month. March came in like a lamb, so it will go out like a lion.
I checked up on my friendly blogs that I love so much. Then hubby and I went to get some groceries.
Sharon (my SIL) came by to scrap book tonight. But we ended up drooling over my new goodies and chatting most of the evening. I did play with a few of the dies that I purchased.
Sharon's hubby came by to pick her up and they stayed and visited for a bit.
Can you stand anymore pictures of my daughter, LOL. I have some more pictures that Ashley's friend took of her. These girls impress me with their photography skills.
This one I call the gangster. LOL Ya she looks tough LOL.
They really enjoy finding props to go with their pictures. Ashley even bought a dress on our trip specifically for one of her photo ideas.
Isn't she a beauty. Ya I'm bias. I just love this girl.
I wish Heather would let us take more pictures of her.
Hope your Friday was a enjoyable one. Yeah Saturday tomorrow.
Would you believe the girls want to go to the mall tomorrow? Crazy.


  1. Ha ha - girls never tire of the mall!!! Glad you got to sleep in - but what the heck - SNOW?!!! It's been close to 70 degrees here and warm....and I think I like it that way. (However, it's supposed to cool off by Sunday/Monday...ick.)

    Lovely photos - AGAIN. Of course, it does help to have such lovely subjects, too. ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. The gangster purple really stands out! That one and the one above it are my favorites! The Mall is always fun if you've got money :P


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