Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy 15th Kristy

Today was Kristy's 15th Birthday. I can not believe that my baby is 15. This also means that I am getting older. That I really don't like.
This is the alphabet photography that Ashley did for Kristy's birthday. It is fun to drive around looking at everyday objects and see letters in them. The thing is now I am looking for letters in everything.

We brought Kristy a bagel with cream cheese and a monster for lunch. I normally wouldn't get her a monster drink as I don't think that they are good for you, but it was her birthday.
We also ran and got her helium balloons and tied them to her beverage. I thought that she would like that. But she was to embarrassed to bring it into the school. So her friend Brianna brought it in for her. They put them on her locker. Needless to say they went missing at the end of the day. The culprit could have been found by making the kids talk, because you know some one took them to inhale the helium to have Mickey's voice.
I always wanted to try this but was scared that my lungs would explode or something. Mind you that didn't stop me from smoking when I was a teen. LOL

Here is Kristy with her gifts she got from us. Rose just had to get into the picture.DQ ice cream cake. Need to say more?Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Kristy
Happy Birthday to you.

She had 7 candles left know what that means....I'm locking up my baby LOL.

So we had the family over to celebrate Kristy's B.Day. As usual the men congregate to the dinning room and the women to the living room. I like that though, how could we complain about our husbands with them in the same room. LOL.

I found out that my SIL Val (hi Val) has read my blog. I haven't shared it with family as I can't talk about them LOL. No, honestly I am not sure if it is good enough to share with family. I can show all of you as you are like me, and you read this because you either have the same interests as me or are just plain crazy. I was worried that friends and family would think that I am crazy. And I have been pretty good at hiding that for all these years.

Tomorrow Ashley and I have appointments and then I have to work on my SIL Janice's mini album for her friends DIL. She needs it by Friday.

Hope you had a nice over the hump day. It snowed tonight. Not to happy about that.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your gorgeous daughter!

    I've always wanted to try the helium balloon thing, too - but I swore I'd end up inhaling the whole dang balloon and then they'd have to do like a balloon angioplasty or something on me to remove it. *snarf*

    Uh oh - family knows where you are now. Be afraid. Be very afraid! :)

    P.S. Keep your stinkin' snow where it belongs! Don't send any southward!

  2. Happy 15th Birthday Kristy...I hope your beautiful daughter enjoyed her birthday celebrations and thanks for sharing the wonderful pics.
    Debbie x

  3. Hope you had a GREAT Birthday Kristy!

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! I love the letters in everyday items!

    I don't know what the 7 unblown candles means...could you enlighten me?

    I used to inhale helium for the funny voice. Then I realized it was really bad for me.

  5. I will enlighten you teehee.
    When you make your wish and blow out the candles which ever ones are unblown are how many boyfriends/girlfriends you will have.

  6. Happy Birthday Kristy! It is my daughter's birthday too - she turned 7!

  7. Happy Birthday, Kristy! I've never heard of the unblown candle theory - funny!

  8. It looks like she had a great birthday :-) I love the Alphabet Photography of her name, that is so neat!

  9. Tell Kristy Happy Birthday!! I hope she had a great day. Her cake looks like it was yummy. I love the letters. I had seen something similar in a store, but that's even better that your daughter did it. You have a very talented family.

  10. Happy B-day Kristy.

    What a neat idea on the alphabet photograh! I'd love to do that for NIKO. Not sure I'd want to attempt it for Madeline or Jonathan.

  11. Happy 15th Birthday to Kristy! I love the letter pictures. They are awesome. I am sure you are looking for letters, every where you can you not. LOL

    I/We gave done the helium thing, hubby still does! A kid at heart. Ya just sound like a lil munchkin chipmunk and all laugh about it.

    Family reading your blog, your blog is perfect and seems like it is just "YOU", being "YOU". Not to worry. Have a great day and can't wait to see the mini albums.


  12. HA!! My work verify was SKUNKME LOL

  13. Aww Happy Birthday! The alphabet is beautiful! Maybe I should try that for my gal - she turns 15 this summer. Then again, her birthday is six days before my wedding. Maybe I should try for something a little less labor intensive.


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