Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How much fun can you have with a dollar

How much fun can you have with a dollar? Hubby and I had to go out today, Ashley didn't have placement so she wanted to come. During our travels we came across those gumball machines and I got some Ike and Mikes. Wayne noticed one that said "Disguises, Trick your Friends". Knowing what a ham Ashley is Wayne gave her a buck and told her to get one.

Luckily I had my camera with me teehee. This girl cracks me up. All 3 of my girls are funny and get me laughing everyday.

One last one. LOL.

Ashley and her friend Lisa are going to do another photo shoot tomorrow. So they have come up with different outfits. Lisa wanted Ashley to have some old tattered up jeans. So she took an old pair of jeans and distressed them. She used my craft knife and yes that is what that is...a grater. LOL.
Well it did the job.

Also during our travels we just happened to run into Michael's.
Funny how that happens. teehee. Hubby saw this T-shirt and picked it up. Well actually he picked up a pink one that said "Scrapbookin Queen", but they only had large sizes. This one is a medium, which is still to big, but he so wanted me to have one.
What a sweetie eh? I had a few coupons so he got 40% off.

Here are a few things I picked up today. We also went to the dollar store, Walmart (I never go there) but Ashley was looking for pretty rubber boots, for her photo shoot.
I also went to my LSS. I bought some Glimmer Mist. I have one bottle. It is Pearl. I couldn't understand why everyone was so excited about this product. So I thought that I would give it another try. I went to my LSS and picked up Wild Current.

Here are the butterflies and the paper flowers. I picked them both up from the dollar store. They came in the white/cream colours. I sprayed them with the glimmer mist.
Now I know why everyone loves this stuff.
To quote the old lady from "Frank's Red Hot" commercial......"I'm going to put this sh1t on everything!"
I love it. Now I am going to have to buy everything in white or cream and get me some different colours of glimmer mist.
So what else did I do today? Got my dad groceries, then went and visited him. Had to go to A,J's to sign some papers. We were out most of the day. I did get to work on my mini, but only for about an hour. And we know that isn't very long, especially when you spend over half that time looking for your supplies. I still haven't found my is in a container that is like 12" long. Urgg.
Hope your Wednesday was enjoyable.


  1. Looks like a very productive shopping trip. I love the fake moustache!

  2. I LOVE mustaches AND Glimmer Mist, so this is just pretty much a great post! LOL!

  3. LOL on the fake moustachio. It goes perfectly with my word of the day...ha ha ha. I have six bottles of glimmer mist, some of which have never been cracked open. I hate getting messy. That could be a problem.

    Cute shirt! Your hubby sounds like a sweetie. :)

  4. the stash pics are great.. LOL.. hven't tried the mist yet.. one of these days..

  5. how funny I think that the mustaches are my kids (and my) favorite thing to get from the quarter machines too.


  6. I adore glimmer mist & once you get started there is no quitting now!

  7. Now you can be a Glimmer Mister sister of mine!

  8. That is to funny....i love the collar pictures.... thanks for sharing...


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