Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hubby needs to go back to work.

Seriously hubby really needs to go back to work. His holidays are costing us to much and we haven't even left the province yet, LOL.
We have been discussing getting a new video camera. They don't sell the tapes for our old one anymore. I am a little tired of this technology sh1t, as soon as you upgrade, it becomes obsolete. This is our third video camera. The first one wore out. Well the girls were young so we taped everything they did. The second one wasn't used as much, Sorry girls your just not as cute anymore...just kidding. Oh god Ashley is going to read this and then tell her sisters and they will play it up and try to make me feel guilty. Well back to the camera's. We found out that they don't sell our tapes anymore. So we figured maybe it is time to upgrade yet again.
Plus now when I do a tutorial I won't have to take Heather or Kristy's camera (their camera's do videos mine doesn't).

Isn't this just so cute. I love the colour. Actually I was going to pick a different video camera because they didn't think they had this one in red. LOL. I didn't want to go with a real expensive one as I figured in about 5 years we will have to upgrade again. Wonder what they will be like then...projecting your videos on the wall or maybe 3D videos and we will need those special glasses.
It is so tiny. Amazing. Here is a pack of gum so you can see how tiny it is. Hope I don't lose it.
Oh ya. Hubby also decided that he needed a new Canon EF 100mm. F/2.8 macro USM lens for his Canon EOS 50D. What ever that means. He just wanted me to share.

So onto my day. I did get to work on my mini today. Oops no I didn't I just looked at it.
I had to pick up prescriptions for my dad.
Then Kristy wanted Ashley to dye her hair for her. So I ran and got some dye. Then was told I got the wrong kind. It was a cream and they never used it before so I returned it and got the kind that they usually use. ..Can you say door mat. Oh here I am (raising my hand).

Hubby was freaking out because he couldn't find his Windows XP Professional disk. Well he found it. It fell behind his computer desk drawer. When he pulled it out there was papers all behind there. So I started to take them out. Then I found tiny pieces of paper, then a pile of seeds and lastly some hamster poop. Kristy had a hamster and it would escape and we wouldn't be able to find it for days. Well now we know where it hid. The thing is Hammy died about 2 years ago. One time I found his little nest in the back of my kitchen cupboard. The little gaffer ate my George Foreman Grill cord.

Tomorrow I plan on working my @ss off on my mini album swap.
How was your Saturday. Hopefully less expensive than mine.



  1. That is the COOLEST camera EVER, in the COOLEST color EVER!!! I don't even own a video cam. How's that?! I have a Canon camera too, but not the one your hubby has! Tell him I'll swap. LOL. Mine works well for me - but one day I'd like to upgrade. I have a Rebel XS.

    LOL on the hamster story. My girls used to have a hamster, too. His name should have been Houdini. Little bugger always escaped. We had FOUR CATS at the time!!! He never got eaten. One day, we found him curled up in the girls' dollhouse. Yup. Too funny.

  2. Hi Tracy - thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. It sounds like you had, not only an expensive Saturday, but a busy one!! Hope you carve out some time for yourself! :)

  3. Wow! Love the video camera. You'll have to tell me how you like it. I'm thinking (emphasis on thinking) of getting one. I know how it is with the mini. I've thought about it several times today but things kept coming up. I did manage to make a tutorial of me coloring the flowers for my tag swap, haha. Hopefully tomorrow will be a mini-filled day.

  4. Love the video camera - I have never had one (but no kids so that probably explains one reason why). I love the size of that one - it was kind of hard to tell until you put it next to the trident pack - wow - that is a tiny camera. I'm with you, I get fed up with things being obsolete about a month after you buy it. I like new technology but they need to keep the old accessories for our cameras and stuff!


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