Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make up artist

I actually got to stay home all day today.
My plans...To Finish Kate's Mini Album. I know it was suppose to mailed out today, but Kate's mom has been ill and I am a procrastinator. We agreed to mail them out on Monday.
I will make a video on the mini, but I can't share it until she receives it, I don't' want to spoil the surprise.

Well as it turned out I didn't work on the mini all day. Ashley's friend Michelle wanted Ashley to take some pictures of her. Michelle isn't a girly girl. But she wanted make up on. For a girl that doesn't wear make up she sure had a lot.
Ashley wanted me to do the make up. They had a photo for me to go on. I love this photo of Michelle. Her expression makes me think of loving life. These were taken outside. The breeze was blowing and it was cold. My fingers were frozen helping hold the backdrop and the white board.
I told Ashley to look up how to make an inexpensive indoor studio. They are already thinking of their next photo shoot. Think Lady GaGa, LOL. I told them I have lots of Coke cans for her hair rollers.

I did get to work on my mini today. But I want to add more to it.

Saturday, I kept thinking today was Sunday. Glad I was wrong.



  1. thanks for all the help today mom :) really appreciate it

  2. Is Miss Ashley looking at a career in photography? She most definitely has TALENT!!

  3. What a great picture!! And makeup too of course!

  4. What fun pictures! I might have to do that with my nieces!


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