Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got needles in my head.

Today (like any other day) was busy. Ashley and I both had a dermatologist appt. Mine was at 11:35 and hers was at 3:35. So I thought what the heck I will phone and see if we could go at the same time. It would save time, and parking money. So I did and they let us both go on my appointment time.
Ashley and I both have a mild case of stress related alopecia. Hers is under control, she may never get it again. Mine not so much. My aunt had this same problem and hers has never came back. Keeping fingers crossed.
I noticed my hair was getting thinner a few years ago when they discovered I had a heart problem. I researched this and figured it was from my medication. Well I haven't been on medication for about 3 years now and it gets better then worse. So I went in today and he gave me 5 needles in the scalp where my hair is thinning. It is a type of steroid.
Hubby says "Maybe your brain will grow now" hahaha very funny, what an arse.

Then we went to Liquidation Warehouse as they were having a big sale on scrap booking supplies. I know, those of you that read my blog know that I don't need anything else after my trip LOL. But I just had to go. I got some good things to.

I finished the baby mini for my SIL Janice. I learned how to add captions to my videos but it won't let me, Urgg.

I am tired of my girls complaining about suppers (it is usually about what we are having). I am the first one to say that I hate cooking. But my suppers are tasty and no looks like they are starving here. I just don't care to cook. So what I have done is that each of them have to make one meal a night. They will tell me what they are making (it has to be a full meal, not crap) and I will guide them through it.
Tonight was Heather's day. She wanted to make Maimes noodles, (the old neighbour lady gave us the recipe so I named it after her, if you give me a recipe your name will be in it) and chicken' breast.
So I started walking Heather through it then told Wayne I needed to get this album done to take over.
Hubby called me to dinner. I knew he did the chicken. But they tried to trick me until I told them that the chicken was a bit salty. Hubby seemed insulted, ya he cooked them. Sucker.

Hope you have a creative Thursday. Yeah Friday tomorrow.



  1. LOL.....laughing at the salty chicken. :)

    Guess it's a good thing you didn't get those needles in your arse, huh? (Think of the comment hubby would have made then!)

    Hope this treats your alopecia problem. I once worked for a dermatologist, and I remember it being a fairly common issue.

    If I could give you half the hair on my head, I would - gladly. It drives me bonkers, and I have way too much of it. I'm thinking of getting it all buzzed. Ooooh....the gears in my head are spinning now.


  2. I've been thinking of having my kids make dinner once a week - that is, they could trade off Mondays because that's the only night we come straight home and there would be time for a learning curve. I dunno. They do need to learn to cook.

    I hope the shots help! And very pretty baby album!

  3. I am loving your blog Tracy!!!

    I wanted to let you know that I am passing a Beautiful Blog award along to you... check out my post called "yea for me"... If you'd like to accept the award!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and life with us here in the bloggy world!

    <3 mel

  4. Ouch, that doesn't sound like fun. My brother has alopecia but his is reoccuring. He's had it 3 or 4 times now since the first time he had it. He usually shaves his head when he gets it. I guess in a way it would be easier to be a woman because you could hide it with your hair. My brother had to shave his head before he came to my wedding. I hope your and your daughter don't get it again.

    Good idea having the daughters cook. Haha, that they ratted themselves out. At least you got to "play" while they were making dinner.

    The mini is super cute. I can't wait to see what you think of your mini. Hopefully you'll get it soon.


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