Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I was cupped today

Only in America LOL.
I was cupped today while shopping. And no not cupped as in I got a new bra. Which while I did get a new bra, I got sized and everything. I have been getting the correct size bra just the cheap crap. I went to Victoria Secret and got a proper bra and these babies love it LOL.

Ok on to my groping story. Hubby and I were sitting on a bench waiting for my girls to finish in thier store. As we got up a guy walks right beside me and cups my boob. Seriously I thought it was hubby as he does things like this. He will just nonchalantly graze my boob or grab my @ss as we walk.Whatever. Well anyway I realize hubby is on the other side of me and I look down and see that it Isn't his hand, but another guys. I am like WTH.
The guy just keeps on walking away like nothing happened. I say to hubby and my girls...That guy just cupped my boob. They couldn't believe it. Ashley texts her friend to tell him what just happened. The other two are like which guy? Hubby was like "really I think you just cut him off and he didn't want to walk into you". WHAT are you frick'n serious. Nice to know that my family cares about me. Mind you the girls did come out and check on me while I gave some guy a boost (as in boosting his car, come on girls get your mind out of the gutter). They wanted to make sure I wasn't raped, Hubby well he was watching TV.
Ok I know "The Girls" still look awesome for being 42 and breastfeeding 3 babies, but come on.
Wow those Victoria Secret bras are really something. LOL.

We went to the Zoo today as well. See we do other things besides shop LOL.

I took more photos of the artwork, statues than I did of the actual animals. Here is a picture of Heather with one of the statues. My girls would rather take silly pictures then serious ones. But that is OK they are fun to be around.
We had a few episodes of "I am going to leave all f'n one of you and go by myself" times. But I couldn't as I get anxiety when I go somewhere that I am not familiar with. So hubby had to come. And I get paranoid if my girls are by themselves in a different country. So ya they all had to go with me.
I call Wayne and Ashley the diva's in the family...if they aren't happy, no one is happy. And they seemed to bicker today, but of course it is the others fault. GRRRRRRR.

I did get to go to the scrap booking stores that I wanted to (hence needing hubby). The first one was to a different Archiver's (sorry Jingle. You are going to have to share that story with me). I only bought sale items from there.

The second shop was Joann's. I wasn't sure if we were going to get there as Lola (our GPS) didn't want to tell us where to go. See she was a little b1tch today as well. Finally everyone calmed down and Lola did her job. Lastly we found the store Scrapbooks Too. The women were nice there. They just got in crates of new stuff. They were still in the boxes though. I found a few things there that I haven't been able to find anywhere. I have been looking for the Tim Holtz foam pads for the applicators for over a year now. I have been all around our town, Winnipeg and the States. They are the only ones that had them. I usually use make up sponges, so we will see how I like them.
I also picked up 2 Tim Holtz die cuts. It was buy one get one 1/2 price. Now I don't know if this was a good deal as I have never seen them before. They assured me that they will fit in my Cuttlebug.
I also picked up 2 holders for my inks. If you remember I am trying to make a stamping area in my scrap/craft room. How to store my inks was keeping me from starting this.

So stayed tuned for some incredible creations once I get home and get organized. I hope so anyway LOL.

So we are heading home tomorrow bright and early. We will be stopping in Duluth. We will hit up Miller Hill Mall quickly and then to True Colors scrap booking store just before heading home.

Hope your Wednesday was a good one. Beware of those Victoria Secret bra's ladies. LOL



  1. Hi Tracy, Sounds like you had an interesting day! HA! Fitted, cupped and all...glad you had some FUN.

    I have one of Tim's edgers and LOVE it. Mine is the scalloped edge and it is awesome. I have the flowers on the way, as soon as they come in. Great sale on the new dies. You will love the blending tool sponges. I know I just picked up the tool and the pads for it just recently and don't know how I shaded before (Cramped fingers, that is how). You sure got lots of goodies. Can't wait to see your creations.

    Have a safe trip home.

  2. Ha. My GPS dude tells me where to go all the time.

    Now on the groper.....was he attractive? LOL. If not, I'd say a good knee to a location just south of where his buckle lands would have been an appropriate comeback. ;)

    Look at all the goodies you got!! Holy're gonna be having some FUN!

    Safe drive home!

  3. You are KILLING me with all of this crafty shopping! I am so jealous! HA! As far as the boob gig - sorry, dude. Can't say that's ever happened to me, but then again, sometimes it takes a bit of time to find mine. HA!

  4. wow.. fun shopping finds.. and omg.. that bra story is hilarious.. omg.. what nerve! If a guy ever did that to me... and walked away like that, I'd get security after him.. holy moley! LOL Glad you are okay... xo funny story though.. tfs!

  5. I am so jealous of all the fun scrapbooking stuff you've gotten!!!

  6. Good to know the Tim Holtz thingys will fit in a Cuttlebug. Have fun with your new stash!

  7. Does that mean your readers can all ***finally*** use that "report abuse" button at the top of all the blogspot blogs?!?!?!?! Yeah, he didn't want to walk into you, so he grabbed you by the boob in order to move you away?!?! Sheesh! :-0

  8. That's creepy about the guy. I hope you're okay now. Isn't it wonderful when your family doesn't think that something you think is a big deal, is a big deal (note the sarcasm). Awesome finds at the store. It sounds like you got a great deal on the dies because those are the new ones. I'm waiting on mine still.

  9. LOL, amazing what a new bra can do for you :)

    Sounds like some fun shopping, once the family and Lola decided to get on board :)


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