Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm a walking blogger

I am serious about getting back on track with my fitness. I am blogging as I am walking on the treadmill. Multi-tasking at its finest.
I didn't have time to go on the treadmill today, and I like to post everyday. So I had to get this in by midnight. Can you say obsessive compulsive.
I have my laptop on this lip of the treadmill. Its a bit awkward.
So onto my day.
I woke my hubby up this morning as I thought he slept in. Well he didn't tell me he was taking the rest of the week off. (His brothers and their wives are back from Florida). When I asked him why he didn't tell me his response was "You didn't ask". Umm Ok.
My girlfriend Crystal picked me up and we went to a few antique stores. I was looking for some embellishments for my vintage mini swap. Oh by the way what is the difference between Vintage and Victorian. I keep getting those mixed up.
Then I promised Heather that I would take her shopping. So we went and Ashley came along of course.. that girl loves to shop. Heather found what she was looking for.
Came home had supper.
Later Wayne and I went to Crappy Tire (fellow Canadians know what I'm talking about). Lastly we went to ...drum roll please...Michael's! I had 2- 50% off coupons so Hubby bought me the xyron 9" and refills. Yeah.
Came home cleaned up the kitchen. Hubby wanted to watch a movie together and then I realized that I hadn't done my walk. So here I am at 11:10 on the tread mill.
Ok I have to get off here because I have to pick up the pace and its a tad difficult to type at the same time LOL. I know I can multi-task with the best of them but walking, typing, singing and sometimes dancing (yes on the treadmill) I might end up typing out Nickleback lyrics.
Ok back.
I said that I would post my daughters pictures, and well she keeps asking me to LOL. So here they are. This was her first time doing studio shots. Her friend Lisa is the model.
I love the lighting in this photo. I like how the brightness of the colours are muted.
Close up of Lisa. Seriously I don't remember looking this pretty when I was their age.
Ashley's concept. She used some of my craft feathers and did Lisa's makeup. Cool eh?
I just had to put this one in. Aren't those heels killer. I love them.
Here is a link to my daughters Flicker pictures. Yeah she wanted me to share that as well
Hope you take a look she has some amazing photos. Ya I may be bias.
How was your Wednesday? Mine was fun.


  1. treadmill + lappy = possible disaster

  2. LOL...I agree with Ashley!!! Treadmill + Lappy DOES equal possible disaster! Not only is she gorgeous, she's a smart cookie. ;)

    I absolutely LOVE these photos!!! (And those heels are awesomely awesome, though I'm sure I'd smash my face if I tried walking more than three steps in them.)

    You go girl - getting on that treadmill. I so wish we lived near one another. I need a good swift kick in the behind to get going on mine...and no one has kicked me yet. ;)

  3. That just sounds dangerous. Just say'n. Your daughter's shots are gorgeous!

  4. These are great pics!!! Off to check the Flickr!


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