Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lost and never to be found.

I still haven't found my ink pad. The one that is like 12" long and about 2" high.
Is it any wonder though, really. I am going to do something that most don't show. My messing scrap/craft room. Everyone else won't let us peek into their rooms until it looks perfect. Everything lined up and colour coded.
Ya I wish mine looked like the ones in the magazines. But seriously, once I start creating I can't keep up with putting stuff away. I think I have a 3x3 area to work on LOL.
Oh you think that that is bad, here is my floor. I have to walk over that to get out of my room. Ya I have almost tripped. That lower cabinet is where I emboss and stamp. I have a little bit of a bigger area than on my table. Not much though.

Every Friday night my SIL and sometimes my girlfriend come over to scrap. So guess what I am doing tomorrow. Making room. I seem to take over even when they are over. We all start with the same size area to work in. But I slowely take over their space as well.

I worked on my (or I guess I should call it Kate's) mini album. I am not quite done it yet. Hopefully tomorrow. I want to get it done by Monday as we are going to the States. Ya hoo, Archiver's here I come. Hubby even printed me out some coupons.

Poor Kristy isn't feeling very well. She went to bed at about 7:00. I am not feeling up to par either, I have been very tired. I took 2 naps today. If we get sick I hope we do it soon. I am not missing this shopping frenzy..I mean family trip.

Here is to Thursday the day before Friday.


  1. Good God, woman.....I didn't think tornadoes were common in your neck of the woods! ;)

    Have fun shopping....errr....I mean spending time with the family. Hope you aren't coming down with something!

  2. My 'scrap room' is my bedroom. Once upon a time I had my room semi neat. Then I moved all my scrapbook stuff in. I have a tiny path so I can get to my door. I work better when there's a mess. It's just inspiring creativity! At least that's what I tell people.

  3. Hey I don't even have a room right now. working on my Kitchen table out of a rubbermaid container. Maybe I should post a look inside my container?!? Not pretty!!

  4. HA! If it makes you feel any better - I decided to go on a treasure hunt to find my desk under the piles last night and once I got through the piles I just found a messy desk under them! I left it that way. I'll have to clean it more later, but I was too tired and I figured I at least made SOME headway! LOL!

  5. When I was a paper scrapper, I wanted one of those scraprooms that I see online so badly - the ones with all the white shelves of mason jars filled with gorgeous embellies, the white cabinets with racks and racks of paper, and so on.

    Now that I'm into digital, my computer is just as messy as my scraproom ever was.

  6. I don't have a room so when I scrapbook I mess up the kitchen table! I still think the best scrapbookers make the biggest MESS :)

  7. Wow, the tornado must have gone through thousands of miles because it hit me too!

  8. i wish my scraproom looked like the pics in the magazines as well...but here in the real world - i'm with you all the way. :)


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