Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My feet are sore, but I'm loving it

We did the whole mall and more today. We were at Mall of America before it opened this morning. We started with one of Ashley's favourite stores..The Apple store. She needed a new battery for her Mac Book Pro. The only thing is that we went the wrong way and went all around the lower level to get to the store. Oh well she got her battery. Wayne was a bit miffed. I told him that he got his exercise and that he needed it. Sometimes he gets pissy. LOL

Who did we see none other than Sharky. If you ever see this guy don't make eye contact. He likes to follow you.
There was a Barbie store. I know my girls are way to old for this store but I went in. Barbie taught me why there were Ken's in this world, LOL. I remember I didn't have a Ken doll, so my brother Darrell made me one. He took my teen barbie and cut her hair and drew a mustache on her. I love Barbie and so did my girls and their cousins when they were younger. They would make a whole Barbie town.
Oh you ask did I make it to Archiver's? You bet I did. We save that store for last. That way everyone is so tired from doing the whole mall that they just sit and relax while I spend my time (about 1 hour) in bliss. I had printed out coupons before we came here, so I would call each one in one at a time to use a coupon. It was only 30% off but that's better than nothing. I also got a card making kit for free and 3 sheets of card stock. NICE. I guess I spent enough money, actually I think I should have got 3 or 4 free kits LOL.
After the mall we went to Perkin's for supper. Then Wayne had a little temper so we brought him back to the hotel and the girls and I went to Burnsville mall.
That was my day folks. Tomorrow I am planning on going to Joann's (I have never been there before) and a Local Scrap booking store called Scrapbookstoo that is around here somewhere.
Hoping your Tuesday was as fun as mine...but less costly LOL


  1. Looks like you're having fun on your little shopping escapade! How long are you going to be there for? Gotta love shopping trips! And tell your hubby to put his big boy pants on! LOL.

  2. "Who did we see none other than Sharky. If you ever see this guy don't make eye contact. He likes to follow you."

    im so thankful i didnt see him at all

  3. OOOHH! Looks like you got some awesome goodies. I've never been in an Archivers. Planning on going shopping tomorrow with the husband. Have to remind myself, "don't spend too much...don't spend too much." Haha. Enjoy the rest of your trip. You'll like Joann's.

  4. Archiver's is great...wish I had one closer to me! I'v never seen a Barbie store...cool :)

  5. Sounds like a busy day! I'm actually Anti-Archiver's, but I am glad you had a good experience. (I used to work for them in management...long story...but I don't like them much at all, actually.)

  6. I've never been to Archivers, we don't have one that is close. I did go to 3 Targets today though,lol!

  7. I love Barbie as well. I still collect them- every time they come out with a new dancer I have to own her!
    Looks like you racked up at A's. I've never been to one!

  8. Have fun at Joann's. I've only been to Archiver's in Minnesota. I wish they had them out here.

  9. Ohhhh...lots of goodies! Your so lucky! All those fun US scrapbooking stores, I'm so jealous! Shop for all us Canadian's who can't get that stuff. And when your husband complains, tell him your doing it for all us Canadian scrapbookers;p


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